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Cantharellus hainanensis N.K. Zeng, Zhi Q. Liang & S. Jiang

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Scientific name
Cantharellus hainanensis
N.K. Zeng, Zhi Q. Liang & S. Jiang
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Preliminary Category
Proposed by
Adam Liddle
Adam Liddle
Comments etc.
James Westrip

Assessment Notes


This recently described species is known from a single collection, made in China, Hainan Province, Baisha County, Yinggeling Nature Reserve. Three specimens have been observed at this locality between 2015 and 2016. This species is known to occur on the ground within forests of Lithocarpus species with all specimens being recorded within the Yinggeling Nature Reserve. This species is therefore not threatened at this locality, however it is unknown whether any populations of this species remain at this locality. Until further research is carried out regarding the distribution of this species, it is listed as DD.

Taxonomic notes

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Chanterelle species

Geographic range

The type of this species was collected in China, Hainan Province, Baisha County, Yinggeling Nature Reserve, at an altitude of 550m on 31st July 2015. Two further specimens are known from this same locality, examined on the 5th July 2016 and the 9th September 2016. No further information regarding this species’ distribution appears to be known.

Population and Trends

This species’ known locality is thought to be protected, and so it is reasonable to assume that if any wild populations remain at this locality, they would be stable.

Population Trend: Stable

Habitat and Ecology

The type of this species was found growing on the ground in forests of Lithocarpus species. The additional specimens of this species were found in the same type of habitat, all within the Yinggeling Nature Reserve.


This species is currently not thought to be under threat, as its known locality exists within the Yinggeling Nature Reserve.

Conservation Actions

No conservation action can be recommended for this species, as it does not appear to be significantly threatened and is unlikely to become as such in the future.

Research needed

Further research into this species’ present distribution and specific habitat preferences is required in order to accurately assess this species.

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Regional Population and Trends

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