Number of species by continent and fungal groups

ContinentChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime MouldCup-fungi, Truffles and AlliesLichensMushrooms, Brackets and PuffballsRusts and SmutsSpecies TotalCountries Total
North America331101996545100134
South America35122102433369514

Table 1. Number of nominated species are shown for each continent and fungal group. The total number of nominated species and the sum of countries they cover are highlighted.

Nominated species and their distribution by continent

SpeciesIUCN Specialist GroupEuropeAsiaAfricaOceaniaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaCountries Total
Arcyria cinereaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould2914204191298
Backusella lamprosporaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould53002212
Barbeyella minutissimaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould112002015
Clastoderma debaryanumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould1565414751
Craterium leucocephalum var. leucocephalumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould269101141171
Cribraria microcarpaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould1637315852
Cribraria violaceaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould19611212858
Cunninghamella clavataChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould0100012
Cunninghamella echinulataChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould0511119
Cunninghamella elegansChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould46102114
Cunninghamella phaeosporaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould0301015
Diachea leucopodiaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould278124161178
Diacheopsis kowalskiiChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould1000102
Diacheopsis metallicaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould4101208
Dianema inconspicuumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould2000002
Diderma chondriodermaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould93229328
Didymium verrucisporumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould114413427
Echinostelium minutumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould2173316757
Gongronella butleriChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould36102113
Gongronella lacrisporaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould0000112
Hemitrichia leiocarpaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould110028627
Lamproderma disseminatumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould4000105
Lamproderma scintillansChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould22910312864
Lichtheimia hyalosporaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould0520119
Lycogala flavofuscumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould81103114
Macbrideola spinosisporaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould0000123
Metatrichia vespariumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould203205434
Mucor fragilisChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould95112119
Mucor guilliermondiiChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould2200015
Mucor inaequisporusChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould0510017
Mucor subtilissimusChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould1200115
Perichaena chrysospermaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould248122181175
Perichaena depressaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould191094151067
Perichaena longipesChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould0000213
Perichaena taimyriensisChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould1000012
Physarum cinereumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould2612104171079
Physarum viride var. virideChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould251275171177
Rhizopus stoloniferChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould410201118
Stemonitis fuscaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould0000011
Umbelopsis isabellinaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould103011217
Acrospermum chilenseCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Acumispora biseptataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0101114
Aleurina argentinaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Aleurina echinataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Ameghiniella australisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Antrelloides atroceraceaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Ascoclavulina sakaiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1100002
Aspergillus neoniveusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies17614120
Aspergillus sydowiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies7171426551
Balsamia nigransCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Balsamia platysporaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies130001014
Balsamia vulgarisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies100001011
Barrmaelia oxyacanthaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies154002021
Bartalinia melleaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Beauveria diapheromeriphilaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000044
Beltrania rhombicaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies37423524
Beltraniella portoricensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies09835429
Berggrenia aurantiacaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Biscogniauxia bartholomaeiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000203
Biscogniauxia capnodes var. capnodesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies21321110
Biscogniauxia nummulariaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies3000003
Biscogniauxia quernaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Blumeria graminisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2511622147
Capronia capucinaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Chaetothiersia vernalisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Chalara alabamensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0010113
Chlorostroma vestlandicumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2000002
Chlorovibrissea chilensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Chlorovibrissea melanochloraCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0002002
Choiromyces alveolatusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Choiromyces meandriformisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies242000026
Chorioactis geasterCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100102
Circinotrichum olivaceumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies14322214
Cladosporium perangustumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0112116
Colletotrichum aeschynomenesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000112
Colletotrichum alienumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1012015
Colletotrichum boninenseCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies24323115
Colletotrichum chrysophilumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100214
Colletotrichum fragariaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0200215
Colletotrichum fructicolaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies16113113
Colletotrichum gigasporumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0210216
Colletotrichum gloeosporioidesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies23293219219133
Colletotrichum karstiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies26223116
Colletotrichum magnisporumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100012
Colletotrichum phyllanthiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100023
Colletotrichum siamenseCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies04322112
Colletotrichum theobromicolaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0102328
Cookeina indicaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0300003
Cordierites acanthophorusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Cordyceps hauturuCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Cordyceps kirkiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Cortinarius pavelekiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Corynelia brasiliensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001012
Corynelia jamaicensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000404
Corynelia nipponensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100001
Corynelia portoricensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000303
Cryptomyces maximusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies170002019
Cryptophiale kakombensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies01324313
Cryptophiale udagawaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies05233316
Cudonia monticolaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Cyttaria berteroiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Cyttaria darwiniiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Cyttaria espinosaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Cyttaria exiguaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Cyttaria septentrionalisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Destuntzia rubraCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Diaporthe citriCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies37692431
Diaporthe inconspicuaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Diaporthe infecundaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Diaporthe masireviciiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0301015
Diaporthe mayteniCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Diaporthe paranensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Diaporthe passifloricolaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100012
Diaporthe phaseolorum var. phaseolorumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies25331418
Diaporthe pseudomangiferaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000213
Diaporthe rosaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1200014
Diaporthe ueckeriCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100012
Diehliomyces microsporusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2401119
Discina fastigiataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies190000019
Elaphomyces aculeatusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies8000008
Elaphomyces adamizansCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Elaphomyces anthracinusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies140002016
Elaphomyces compleximurusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Elaphomyces digitatusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Elaphomyces granulatusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies261002130
Elaphomyces muricatusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies222004028
Elaphomyces subviscidusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Elaphomyces virgatosporusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies5000005
Erysiphe alphitoidesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies84010114
Fevansia aurantiacaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Gastrolactarius camphoratusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Gelatinodiscus flavidusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Genea harknessiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Geoglossum difformeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies100002012
Geoglossum glabrumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies190002021
Geoglossum littoraleCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies3000003
Geomorium fuegianumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Geomorium furciaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Geomorium gamundiaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Geomorium geodonCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Geomorium singeriCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Gyromitra californicaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Gyromitra korfiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Gyromitra korshinskiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies155002022
Gyrothrix verticicladaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2112219
Helvella palustrisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies3100105
Hemibeltrania decorosaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000112
Hemiglossum yunnanenseCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100001
Hydnotrya inordinataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Hydnotrya tulasneiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies201002023
Hydnotryopsis setchelliiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Hypocreodendron sanguineumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000235
Hypocreopsis amplectensCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0002002
Hypocreopsis rhododendriCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies5000106
Hypotarzetta insignisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2110004
Hypoxylon investiensCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies05538425
Hypoxylon vogesiacumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies130000013
Idriella acerosaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000213
Ionomidotis irregularisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies120000012
Kalaharituber pfeiliiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0030003
Lophodermella conjunctaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies8100009
Marthamyces desmoschoeniCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Menispora ciliataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies131213020
Menisporopsis theobromaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies02232211
Mesophellia brevisporaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Mesophellia glaucaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0002002
Mesophellia pallidosporaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Mesophellia ravaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Mesophellia westresiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Microglossum atropurpureumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies180002020
Microglossum capitatumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100001
Microglossum rickiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Microsphaeropsis arundinisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0101215
Mitrulinia ushuaiaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Morchella anatolicaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2200004
Muscodor vitigenusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Mycosphaerella coussapoaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Nanoscypha tetrasporaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0010214
Nectria ganymedeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Nemania abortivaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0010124
Nemania gwyneddiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies3000003
Nemania primoluteaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100012
Neofusicoccum kwambonambienseCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies11412211
Neofusicoccum umdonicolaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0010012
Nigrospora hainanensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100113
Nigrospora sphaericaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies27173323
Nothojafnea thaxteriCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Ophiocordyceps ainictosCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Ophiocordyceps sinensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0400004
Otidea platysporaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies6100007
Otidea smithiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Pachycudonia spathulataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Paraconiothyrium brasilienseCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2311018
Paurocotylis patagonicaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Penicillium alagoenseCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Penicillium austrosinicumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100012
Penicillium chrysogenumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2011423242
Penicillium citrinumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1014634340
Penicillium oxalicumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies76314324
Penicillium simplicissimumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1310224233
Perelegamyces parviechinulatusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000213
Periconia byssoidesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2091589364
Peziza ammophilaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies3000003
Peziza pseudosylvestrisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Phyllosticta capitalensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies17343119
Piricaudiopsis elegansCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Poronia punctataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies229104339
Pseudoallosoma nervisequensCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Pseudonectria buxiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies203002126
Pseudoplectania melaenaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies154003022
Pseudoplectania sphagnophilaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies6000006
Pseudotricharina lanigeraCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Pseudotulostoma volvatumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Purpureocillium lilacinumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1111637543
Ramsbottomia crechqueraultiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies130112017
Rhizopogon alexsmithiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Rickiella edulisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000033
Ruhlandiella patagonicaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Sarcosoma globosumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies133002018
Scutellinia kerguelensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies134422227
Spathularia nigripesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Speiropsis scopiformisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100214
Sporormiella minimaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies174528440
Stilbohypoxylon macrosporumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Subulispora procurvataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies15323216
Symphyosirinia clematidisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2000002
Sympodiella acicolaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies6100209
Talaromyces allahabadensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2101015
Terfezia arenariaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies712300022
Terfezia boudieriCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies29600017
Terfezia claveryiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies317600026
Thamnomyces chamissonisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Thamnomyces chocoënsisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Thuemenidium sp. “Australasia”Cup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0002002
Tirmania niveaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies17600014
Triblidium octosporumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Trichoglossum walteriCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies150002017
Trichosphaerella arecaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100023
Tripospora macrosporaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Tripospora venezuelensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Tryssglobulus aspergilloidesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Tuber aztecorumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Tuber castellanoiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Tuber indicumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0200002
Tuber regimontanumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Urnula crateriumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies191002022
Wiesneriomyces laurinusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies38044221
Wynnea americanaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1200418
Wynnea sparassoidesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Xylaria acuminatilongissimaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100001
Xylaria apiculataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies31522518
Xylaria compunctaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies08531118
Xylaria cubensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies24347424
Xylaria culicicephalaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Xylaria curtaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies12615520
Xylaria hypoxylonCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies3571038669
Xylaria liquidambarisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0300205
Xylaria longipesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies3000003
Xylaria moliwensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0010001
Xylaria nigromedullosaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Xylaria poiteiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies035010321
Xylaria venosulaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000112
Xylomyces giganteusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1111015
Zeus olympiusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2000002
Acantholichen galapagoensisLichens0000011
Acanthothecis leucoxanthoidesLichens0000101
Acanthothecis paucisporaLichens0000101
Acanthotrema brasilianumLichens0010236
Acarospora malouinaLichens0000011
Acarospora placodiiformisLichens3210006
Acroscyphus sphaerophoroidesLichens14102311
Ahtiana aurescensLichens0000101
Allophoron farinosumLichens0000011
Anaptychia palmulataLichens1200205
Anisomeridium americanumLichens11016110
Anzia centrifugaLichens1000001
Anzia ornataLichens0300104
Arthonia calabrellaLichens1000001
Arthonia cupressinaLichens0000101
Arthonia kermesinaLichens0000101
Arthopyrenia betulicolaLichens0000101
Arthothelium spectabileLichens185006130
Aspicilia peltastictoidesLichens0000101
Aspicilia rogeriLichens0000101
Aspidothelium cinerascensLichens0002327
Bacidia gullahgeecheeLichens0000101
Bacidia incompta var. incomptaLichens262100029
Bacidia phyllopsoropsisLichens0000101
Bacidia rosellaLichens101000011
Bacidia schweinitziiLichens0000202
Bacidia sorediataLichens0000101
Brigantiaea leucoxanthaLichens044812836
Bryoria carlottaeLichens0000202
Bryoria fremontiiLichens5000308
Bryoria mariensisLichens0000011
Bryoria salazinicaLichens0000101
Buellia asterellaLichens6000006
Buellia carballalianaLichens1000001
Buellia gypsyensisLichens0000011
Buellia sharpianaLichens0000101
Bulbothrix confoederataLichens0000101
Byssoloma vanderystiiLichens0111025
Calicium corynellumLichens80002010
Calicium quercinumLichens0000202
Calicium sequoiaeLichens0000101
Calopadia saxicolaLichens0000011
Caloplaca conjungensLichens0000011
Caloplaca erythranthaLichens01006512
Caloplaca luteoalbaLichens193211026
Caloplaca obamaeLichens0000101
Caloplaca rinodinae-albaeLichens1000001
Canoparmelia austroamericanaLichens0000022
Celothelium cinchonarumLichens02041411
Cetradonia linearisLichens0000101
Cetrelia chicitaeLichens1000001
Cetreliopsis papuaeLichens0001001
Chaenotheca furfuraceaLichens261014032
Chaenotheca servitiiLichens3000104
Chaenotheca servitii f. fillarisLichens3000104
Chaenothecopsis oreganaLichens3000205
Chapsa alborosellaLichens04003613
Chapsa indicaLichens04310210
Chapsa platycarpellaLichens0310149
Chiodecton malmeiLichens0010146
Chrysothrix chamaecyparicolaLichens0000101
Chrysothrix xanthinaLichens310466433
Circinaria emiliaeLichens1200003
Circinaria rostamiiLichens0100001
Circinaria tominiiLichens1000001
Cladidium bolanderiLichens0000101
Cladonia appalachiensisLichens0000101
Cladonia dunensisLichens0000011
Cladonia ibitipocaeLichens0000011
Cladonia mediterraneaLichens71300011
Cladonia perforataLichens0000101
Cladonia submitisLichens0000101
Cladonia subsetaceaLichens0000101
Coccotrema maritimumLichens0000202
Coenogonium interplexumLichens012212623
Coenogonium strigosumLichens0001337
Coenogonium zonatumLichens02235315
Collema coniophilumLichens0000202
Collema curtisporumLichens6000208
Collema dichotomumLichens151000016
Coniarthonia wilmsianaLichens0011114
Cora giganteaLichens0000011
Cryptothecia fuscopunctataLichens0000101
Cryptothecia striataLichens0300111024
Cyphelium brachysporumLichens0000101
Dendriscosticta wrightiiLichens35002010
Dermatiscum pusillumLichens0010001
Dermiscellum oulocheilumLichens0000101
Dimelaena triseptataLichens0010001
Diorygma basinigrumLichens0000101
Diorygma confluensLichens0010359
Diorygma erythrellumLichens04051111
Diorygma hieroglyphicumLichens18354223
Diorygma poitaeiLichens010014621
Diorygma reniformeLichens12206415
Dirina indicaLichens0200002
Dirinaria frostiiLichens0000202
Dolichocarpus seawardiiLichens0010001
Edrudia constipansLichens0000101
Enterographa bradleyanaLichens0000101
Enterographa caudataLichens0000101
Enterographa murrayanaLichens0000101
Enterographa nitidulaLichens0000101
Erioderma pedicellatumLichens3000205
Erioderma sorediatumLichens0112318
Erythrodecton granulatumLichens0020147
Everniastrum cirrhatum f. cirrhatumLichens0600107
Fissurina alligatorensisLichens0000101
Fissurina americanaLichens0000101
Fissurina dumastiiLichens29067630
Fissurina ilicicolaLichens0000101
Fissurina linoanaLichens0000011
Fissurina pseudostromaticaLichens0100124
Flavoparmelia caperataLichens219126544
Glyphis cicatricosa var. cicatricosaLichens11024210
Graphis argentataLichens01005410
Graphis furcataLichens062411629
Graphis glaucescensLichens06129523
Graphis miniataLichens0000246
Graphis pernambucoradiansLichens0000011
Graphis sterlingianaLichens0000101
Graphis vestitoidesLichens02025312
Gyalecta herculinaLichens7100008
Gyalecta ulmiLichens231000024
Gyalectidium colchicumLichens3200005
Gymnoderma insulareLichens0200002
Helminthocarpon leprevostiiLichens0100517
Herpothallon albidumLichens0101136
Herpothallon aurantiacoflavumLichens01004611
Herpothallon hyposticticumLichens0000101
Herpothallon roseocinctumLichens00126615
Hypotrachyna intercalandaLichens0000123
Hypotrachyna revolutaLichens0000213
Hypotrachyna ripariaLichens0000101
Hypotrachyna virginicaLichens0000303
Immersaria fuliginosaLichens0000011
Lecanactis epileucaLichens00104712
Lecania vermisporaLichens0000011
Lecanographa insolitaLichens0000101
Lecanographa lynceaLichens92202318
Lecanora conizaeoidesLichens331002036
Lecanora coronulansLichens0000448
Lecanora masanaLichens0000101
Lecanora munziiLichens0000101
Lecanora phryganitisLichens0000101
Lecanora protervulaLichens0000202
Lecanora sublivescensLichens3000003
Lecanora tropicaLichens064414331
Leioderma sorediatumLichens0000213
Lepra andersoniaeLichens0000101
Lepraria lanataLichens0000101
Lepraria normandinoidesLichens0000202
Lepraria oxybaphaLichens0000202
Leprocaulon terricolaLichens0000101
Leptogium corticolaLichens72247729
Leptogium hibernicumLichens80002010
Leptogium rivulareLichens80002010
Lethariella intricataLichens81100010
Lethariella togashiiLichens1100002
Letrouitia domingensisLichens184316638
Letrouitia vulpinaLichens10036414
Lithographa opegraphoidesLichens0000011
Lobaria halliiLichens4000307
Lobaria immixtaLichens2000002
Lobaria lobuliferaLichens0000101
Lobaria macaronesicaLichens2000002
Lobaria oreganaLichens0000202
Loxospora assateaguensisLichens0000101
Loxospora confusaLichens0000101
Malmidea fuscellaLichens0000022
Malmidea leptolomaLichens0002226
Malmidea psychotrioidesLichens0000224
Malmidea vinosaLichens02014613
Masonhalea richardsoniiLichens1000203
Megalospora tuberculosaLichens785213944
Megaspora rimisorediataLichens0300003
Melanotrema platystomumLichens02123412
Mobergia calculiformisLichens0000101
Mycoporum biseptatumLichens0000101
Mycoporum compositumLichens02116313
Mycoporum eschweileriLichens194313232
Myriotrema microporumLichens08225219
Nephroma areolatumLichens1000001
Nephroma foliolatumLichens1000001
Nephroma hensseniaeLichens1000001
Nephromopsis endocroceaLichens1100002
Niebla ramosissimaLichens0000101
Ocellularia auberianoidesLichens0000224
Ocellularia papillataLichens081410629
Ocellularia praestansLichens000013215
Opegrapha contractaLichens0000022
Opegrapha cylindricaLichens0000112
Opegrapha granulosaLichens0100001
Opegrapha gyrophoricaLichens0000101
Opegrapha keyensisLichens0000101
Opegrapha protocetraricaLichens0000101
Parmelina atrichaLichens4000004
Parmeliopsis hyperoptaLichens4000004
Parmotrema acutatumLichens0000101
Parmotrema bifidumLichens0000011
Parmotrema crinitumLichens0000112
Parmotrema cristobaliiLichens0000022
Parmotrema hypoleucinumLichens5030109
Parmotrema pachydermumLichens0000022
Parmotrema perforatumLichens0000202
Parmotrema reticulatumLichens0000112
Parmotrema sampaioiLichens1000001
Parmotrema screminiaeLichens0000011
Peltigera aquaticaLichens0000101
Peltigera gowardiiLichens0000202
Peltigera hydrothyriaLichens0000202
Peltularia crassaLichens0002002
Phaeographis brasiliensisLichens00117110
Phaeographis galeanoaeLichens0000011
Phaeographis oricolaLichens0000101
Phaeophyscia leanaLichens0000101
Phaeophyscia rubropulchraLichens2400208
Phaeophyscia sonoraeLichens0000101
Phlyctis petraeaLichens0000202
Physconia subpallidaLichens0000202
Pilophorus fibulaLichens0000202
Platismatia tuckermaniiLichens0000202
Platygramme coccineaLichens0000101
Platygramme pseudomontagneiLichens0200002
Porpidia nadvornikianaLichens4000004
Pseudocyphellaria rainierensisLichens0000202
Pterygiopsis foliaceaLichens0000011
Punctelia appalachensisLichens0000202
Punctelia caseanaLichens0000303
Punctelia missouriensisLichens0000202
Punctelia rudectaLichens0000112
Ramalina confertulaLichens1000001
Ramalina erosaLichens1000001
Ramalina fleigiaeLichens0000011
Ramalina fragilisLichens0000011
Ramalina jamesiiLichens1000001
Ramalina menziesiiLichens0000303
Ramalina portosantanaLichens1000001
Ramalina timdalianaLichens1000001
Reichlingia zwackhiiLichens100000010
Rhizocarpon cookeanumLichens0000101
Rhizoplaca idahoensisLichens0000101
Rhizoplaca marginalisLichens0000101
Rinodina brodoanaLichens0000101
Rinodina chrysomelaenaLichens0000202
Santessoniella crossophyllaLichens0000202
Sarcographa labyrinthicaLichens17455729
Scoliciosporum pensylvanicumLichens0000101
Scytinium apalachenseLichens0000101
Seirophora lacunosaLichens45100010
Seirophora villosaLichens63600318
Siphula dactylizaLichens0000101
Siphula flavovirensLichens0010001
Sporodophoron americanumLichens0000202
Staurolemma omphalarioidesLichens2000002
Stereocaulon tennesseenseLichens0100203
Sticta alpinotropicaLichens0001001
Sticta carolinensisLichens0000101
Sticta deyanaLichens0000101
Sticta fragilinataLichens0000101
Sulcaria badiaLichens0000101
Sulcaria isidiiferaLichens0000101
Sulcaria spiraliferaLichens0000101
Teloschistes flavicansLichens582214536
Teloschistes noduliferaLichens0000033
Teloschistes peruensisLichens0000022
Texosporium sancti-jacobiLichens0000101
Thecaria montagneiLichens06121111
Thelomma carolinianumLichens0000101
Trapeliopsis bisorediataLichens0000101
Umbilicaria josiaeLichens2000002
Umbilicaria phaea var. coccineaLichens0000101
Usnea angulataLichens0000224
Usnea ceratinaLichens122013523
Usnea lutiiLichens0000011
Usnea mutabilisLichens4110208
Usnea rubicundaLichens0000044
Usnea strigosaLichens0000112
Usnocetraria oakesianaLichens95002016
Vulpicida viridisLichens0000202
Wadeana dendrographaLichens4000105
Xanthoparmelia beccaeLichens0010001
Xanthoparmelia idahoensisLichens0000101
Xanthoparmelia pulvinarisLichens6200008
Xylographa lagoiLichens1000001
Xylopsora canopeorumLichens0000101
Abrachium floriformeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Abstoma purpureumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Acanthocorticium brueggemanniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Acaulospora minutaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0030014
Adustomyces lusitanicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4010005
Aegis luteocontextaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000123
Agaricus arvensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball276023038
Agaricus crocopeplusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball010000010
Agaricus globocystidiatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000134
Agaricus pattersoniaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Agrocybe broadwayiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Agrocybe elatellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball201000021
Agrocybe perfectaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Albatrellopsis flettiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Albatrellus avellaneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Albatrellus cantharellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Albatrellus yasudaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Alessioporus ichnusanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Aleurocystis gloeocystidiataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Aleurodiscus bernicchiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Aleurodiscus hallenbergiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Aleurodiscus stratosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Aleuromyces gabonicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Allantula diffusaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Alloclavaria purpureaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball130002015
Alpova austroalnicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Amanita aporemaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Amanita apricaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita arenicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000404
Amanita arocheaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000213
Amanita augustaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita ballerinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Amanita brunneolocularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000314
Amanita caesareaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball222300027
Amanita calyptrodermaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita campinaranaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Amanita chocoanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Amanita cystidiosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita elongatosporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Amanita erythrocephalaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Amanita friabilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball200000020
Amanita fuligineodiscaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000314
Amanita herreraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita jacksoniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000618
Amanita lepiotoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball9000009
Amanita longitibialeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita macrocarpaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Amanita magniverrucataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita malayensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Amanita merxmuelleriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Amanita morenoiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Amanita morrisiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita mumuraMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Amanita muscariaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball387639568
Amanita nouhraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Amanita novinuptaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita ocreataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita pumatonaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Amanita ristichiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita roseolamellataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Amanita sculptaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0800008
Amanita sepultipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Amanita silvaticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita silvicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita singeriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5100017
Amanita smithianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita torrendiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5220009
Amanita tuzaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita vernicoccoraMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita viscidoluteaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Amanita westiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita xanthocephalaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Amanita zayantensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amauroderma boleticeumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000167
Amauroderma elegantissimumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Amauroderma intermediumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000326
Amauroderma macrosporumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Amauroderma omphalodesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000167
Amauroderma praetervisumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball02004814
Amauroderma renidensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Amauroderma rugosumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball08122114
Amauroderma schomburgkiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00205916
Amauroderma spruceiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00007613
Amauroderma trichodematumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000044
Amaurodermellus ovisporumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Amylaria himalayensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Amylocystis lapponicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball131002016
Amylohyphus africanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Anthracophyllum pallidumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Antrodia albobrunneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball9000009
Antrodia alpinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Antrodia juniperinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball51302011
Antrodia labyrinthicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Antrodia mellitaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Antrodia neotropicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Antrodiella versicutisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00005510
Armillaria ectypaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball171000018
Armillaria paulensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Armillaria tabescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball182102023
Arrasia rostrataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Arrhenia discoroseaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball92001012
Arrhenia lobataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball190003022
Artomyces adrienneaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Artomyces nothofagiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Aseroë arachnoideaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball06011210
Asterophora lycoperdoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball111000012
Astraeus hygrometricusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2214426452
Astraeus odoratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0500005
Athelopsis tenuicystidiataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Atheniella aurantiidiscaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Atroporus diabolicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Aurantiporus alborubescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball112000013
Aureoboletus citriniporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Aureoboletus flaviporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Aureoboletus mirabilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Auricularia brasilianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Auricularia corneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball75974436
Auricularia delicataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball07186121053
Auricularia fuscosuccineaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4682151146
Auriporia aurulentaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball152000017
Auriscalpium sp. ”Blackwood”Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Austroboletus amazonicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Austroboletus dictyotusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0400004
Austroboletus festivusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Austroboletus viscidoviridisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Austropaxillus statuumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Baeospora myriadophyllaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball171003021
Bankera fuligineoalbaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball245003032
Baorangia emileorumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000007
Battarrea phalloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball21141724361
Beenakia dacostaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Beenakia frictaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3020106
Bergerella atrofuscaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Binderoboletus segoiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Blastosporella zonataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Blumenavia crucis-hellenicaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Blumenavia toribiotalpaensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Bolbitius jalapensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletellus dissiliensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Boletellus emodensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Boletellus jalapensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletellus nordestinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Boletellus singeriiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Boletinellus merulioidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Boletopsis griseaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball192002023
Boletopsis nothofagiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Boletus adonisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2100003
Boletus aurantiosplendensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletus billieaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletus cervinicoccineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Boletus fibrillosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Boletus luridiformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball211003025
Boletus michoacanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletus novae-zelandiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Boletus peckiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletus pinophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball210000021
Boletus rawlingsiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Boletus regineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletus regiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball171001019
Boletus rex-verisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Boletus rhodopurpureusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball191000020
Boletus rhodosanguineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100203
Boletus roseoalbidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6000006
Boletus subalpinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletus torosus var. torosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball111000012
Bondarcevomyces taxiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1300004
Bondarzewia kirkiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Bondarzewia loguerciaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Bondarzewia retiporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Boninogaster phalloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Borofutus dhakanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0500005
Bovista acuminataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball62004113
Bovista californicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Bovista limosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6000309
Bovista paludosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball211000022
Bovista sclerocystisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Bresadolia paradoxaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000145
Bridgeoporus nobilissimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Bryoclavula phycophilaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Buchwaldoboletus hemichrysus f. hemichrysusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Buchwaldoboletus lignicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball224001027
Buglossoporus magnusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Bulbilla applanataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Burgellopsis niveaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Butyriboletus abieticolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Butyriboletus autumniregiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Butyriboletus loyoMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Butyriboletus persolidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Butyriboletus primiregiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Butyriboletus querciregiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Byssomerulius coriumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3111429562
Byssoporia terrestrisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball141002017
Callistodermatium aurantiumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000347
Callistosporium vinosobrunneumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Caloboletus marshiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Caloboletus rubripesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Calocera arboreaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Calocera corneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3293411766
Calostoma cinnabarinumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball01007210
Calostoma insigneMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0401005
Calvatia giganteaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball303124242
Calvatia lloydiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Calvatia rugosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Camarophyllopsis peckianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Camarophyllopsis schulzeriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball200000020
Campanella mexicanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Campanophyllum proboscideumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000224
Cantharellula umbonataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball201003024
Cantharellus acicularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus afrocibariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Cantharellus albidolutescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus albidosquamosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus albomarginatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus alboroseusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball001400014
Cantharellus alborufescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5120008
Cantharellus albovenosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus alpinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus amazonensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus ambohitantelyensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus amethysteusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball270000027
Cantharellus anzutakeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus appalachiensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus applanatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Cantharellus applicatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus atlanticusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus atrofuscusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus atrolilacinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus attenuatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus aurantioconspicuusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus aureolusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus avellaneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus behringensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000102
Cantharellus benesiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus betularumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus borealisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Cantharellus brasiliensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus brunneopallidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus californicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus camphoratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus canalipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus candicansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Cantharellus candidissimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus carneoflavusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus cascadensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus castaneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus cavinaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus cerinoalbusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Cantharellus chicagoensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus chrysosporiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus cibariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball262002030
Cantharellus ciliatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus cinereusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball370000037
Cantharellus cinnabarinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000303
Cantharellus clitocybeformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus coccolobaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000426
Cantharellus coemansiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus collivagusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus concinnusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus confertusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus congolensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball002800028
Cantharellus connatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus conspicuusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0040004
Cantharellus corallinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus corconticusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus coriaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus crassinerviusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus croceifoliusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus cuculatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus cupularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus cuticulatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Cantharellus cyanoxanthusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus cyatheusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus cyphelloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus deceptivusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus decipiensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus decoloransMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus decurrensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus defibulatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0040004
Cantharellus deliciosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus delitescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus densifoliusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Cantharellus densilamellatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus devexusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus diminutivusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus discolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus dovrefjeldiensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus eccentricusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus echinosporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus elegansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus elongatipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus elsaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus enelensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus erythraeusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus eucalyptorumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus eyssartieriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus fascicularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus fechtneriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus feltgeniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus ferruginascensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball122000014
Cantharellus fibrillosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus fissilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus flavolateritiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus flavusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus floridulusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball003200032
Cantharellus foliolumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus formosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus friesiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball240000024
Cantharellus fuligineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus fulvocaerulescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus fuscipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus gallaecicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus garnieriiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus gintliiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus goossensiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball001400014
Cantharellus gotzeniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus gracilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus graminumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus granulosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus griseoisabellinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus griseotinctusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus guineensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus guyanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000055
Cantharellus hainanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus haplorutisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus haughtoniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus heinemannianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0030003
Cantharellus helotioidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus hiemalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus himalayensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus hrabanoviiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus humidicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0030003
Cantharellus hydnoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus hygrophanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus hygrophoroidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus hystrixMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus ianthinoxanthusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7100008
Cantharellus ianthinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus ibityensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus imperataeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus inconspicuusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus incrassatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus indicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus inodorusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus insignisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Cantharellus isabellinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Cantharellus iuventateviridisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus juranusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus kavinaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus koreanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Cantharellus kunthiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus lacunosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus lagunaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus lateritiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus lewisiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus lignatilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus lilacinopruinatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Cantharellus limbatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus longipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus longisporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0050005
Cantharellus lourizanianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus ludmilaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus luteopunctatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0090009
Cantharellus luteostipitatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus madagascariensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus mamillatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus melanocerasMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus melanoxerosMushroom, Bracket and Puffball210000021
Cantharellus merrilliiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus mexicanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus microcibariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Cantharellus mikemboensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus minorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000303
Cantharellus minutissimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus minutusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus miomboensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0070007
Cantharellus natarajaniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus neocaledoniensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus nigrescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus nigripedesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus niveusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus nivosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus nothofagorumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus novoguineensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus ochraceoravusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus ochraceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus odoratissimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus odoratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus odorusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus omphalinoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0400004
Cantharellus pallensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball291100031
Cantharellus papyraceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus partitusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus parvisporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Cantharellus parvusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus paucifurcatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus pedicellatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus pellucidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus perpusillusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus persicinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus petersiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus phasmatisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus phloginusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus pleurotoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus plicatulusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus politusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus presliiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus profundusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus protectusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus pruinosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus pseudocibariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0070007
Cantharellus pseudoformosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus pseudofriesiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0040004
Cantharellus pseudomiomboensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus pudorinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus pulcherMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus pulcrifoliusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus purpuraceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus pusioMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus queletiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus quercophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus ramealisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus redivivusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0500005
Cantharellus reniformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus replexusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus rhodophyllusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0050005
Cantharellus romagnesianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000007
Cantharellus roseocanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus roseofagetorumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus roseolusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus roseusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus ruberMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0040004
Cantharellus rubescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus rufopunctatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0060006
Cantharellus salmoneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus schmitziiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus sebosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus septentrionalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus simplexMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus solidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus sordidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus spathuliformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus sphaerosporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus stejskaliiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus stoloniferMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus stramineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus strigipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus suavissimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus subalbidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cantharellus subamethysteusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus subcarneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus subcibariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Cantharellus subcyanoxanthusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0030003
Cantharellus subfloridulusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus sublaevisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Cantharellus subvaginatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus tabernensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus tanzanicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Cantharellus tenellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus tenuisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0030003
Cantharellus tenuissimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus tenuithrixMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus texensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus thymiphilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus tomentosoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus tomentosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus transiensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cantharellus triangularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus tricolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus tuberculosporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus turrisiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus umbricepsMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus vaginatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Cantharellus valentiniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cantharellus variabilicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Cantharellus velutinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus versicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cantharellus violaceovinosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharellus violicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Cantharellus viscosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus wellingtonensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cantharellus whymperiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus xanthoscyphusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cantharellus yunnanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0400004
Cantharellus zangiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Cantharocybe gruberiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2010205
Carolinigaster bonitoiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Castellanea pakaraimophilaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Castoreum radicatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Catathelasma imperialeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball224003029
Catatrama costaricensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100113
Caulorhiza hygrophoroidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cejpomyces globosisporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1110003
Ceratoporia perplexaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cercopemyces crocodilinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cercopemyces ponderosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cerioporus cavernulosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball10503312
Ceriporia amazonicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cerrena cystidiataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Chalciporus amarellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball181000019
Chalciporus aurantiacusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Chamaemyces fracidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball231000024
Chlorogaster dipterocarpiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Chromosera cyanophyllaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball121000013
Chromosera violaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Chroogomphus albipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Chroogomphus pseudovinicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Chroogomphus tomentosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Chrysoconia orthosporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cinereomyces dilutabilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Clathrus argentinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Clathrus madagascariensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Clathrus ruberMushroom, Bracket and Puffball132211019
Claustula fischeriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Clavaria zollingeriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball210000021
Clavariadelphus occidentalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Clavulina kunmudlutsaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Clavulina osseaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Clavulina spruceiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Clavulina tepurumengaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Clavulinopsis appalachiensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Clavulinopsis corallinorosaceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0102003
Clavulinopsis subarcticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100003013
Cleistocybe carneogriseaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1010002
Climacodon sanguineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Clitocybe glareosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball130000013
Clitopilus prunulusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball245003032
Clitopilus tilliiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000103
Collybia bakerensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Coltricia montagneiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000102
Coltricia permollisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Colus hirudinosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball64401116
Conocybe volviradicataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Coprinus xerophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cora itabaianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cora soredavidiaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Corallofungus hatakeyamanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Coriolopsis caperataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball12619827
Coriolopsis gallicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball80013012
Coriolopsis rigidaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1031171133
Cortinarius alcalinophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball160000016
Cortinarius atrovirensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball160000016
Cortinarius aurantiobrunneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Cortinarius bulliardiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball230000023
Cortinarius camptorosMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Cortinarius caperatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball243002029
Cortinarius carneoroseusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cortinarius citrino-olivaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Cortinarius crypticusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cortinarius cupreorufusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball120001013
Cortinarius dalecarlicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000007
Cortinarius dombeyiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cortinarius elegantissimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball170000017
Cortinarius eucaeruleusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Cortinarius galbusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cortinarius haasiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball9000009
Cortinarius holojanthinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cortinarius ionochlorusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball90100010
Cortinarius lebreMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cortinarius luteicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cortinarius magellanicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cortinarius magnivelatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cortinarius mariekristinaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Cortinarius meinhardiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball101000011
Cortinarius murellensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Cortinarius nivalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Cortinarius odoratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball121000013
Cortinarius olympianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cortinarius osloensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cortinarius phrygianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110001012
Cortinarius pinophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000209
Cortinarius prasinocyaneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Cortinarius quadrisporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cortinarius sierraensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cortinarius sphaerocephalusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cortinarius splendificusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Cortinarius stjernegaardiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Cortinarius suaveolensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110000011
Cortinarius subcalyptrosporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cortinarius tiliaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Cortinarius truckeensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cortinarius tucumanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cortinarius velatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cortinarius verrucisporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cortinarius viridansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cortinarius xanthosuavisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Costatisporus cyanescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cotylidia carpaticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6200109
Craterellus albostrigosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Craterellus atratoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Craterellus atrocinereusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus auratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Craterellus aureusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball09500014
Craterellus borealisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus boyacensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000213
Craterellus caeruleofuscusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Craterellus calicornucopioidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus carolinensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus cinereofimbriatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000044
Craterellus comperiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Craterellus confluensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Craterellus convolvulatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus cornucopioidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball309125047
Craterellus costaricensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus cyathiformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Craterellus dilatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus dongolensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Craterellus dubiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200204
Craterellus excelsusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Craterellus flavobrunneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Craterellus foetidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Craterellus hesleriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus hypolyssoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Craterellus ignicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Craterellus indicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Craterellus inusitatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Craterellus lutescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball286117144
Craterellus marasmioidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus minimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Craterellus montanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Craterellus nigerMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Craterellus nucleatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Craterellus olivaceoluteusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Craterellus orinocensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Craterellus pallidipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Craterellus palmatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus parvogriseusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Craterellus peckiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus philippinensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Craterellus pontevedrensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Craterellus pulverulentusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Craterellus rugicepsMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Craterellus shoreaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Craterellus spathuliformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Craterellus strigosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Craterellus subperforatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Craterellus tubaeformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball234003030
Craterellus turbinatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Craterellus venosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Craterellus verrucosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Craterellus zelleriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Crepidotus affinisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0101103
Crepidotus palodensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Crinipellis mexicanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000113
Crinipellis rubellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Crustodontia chrysocreasMushroom, Bracket and Puffball23324317
Cryptoporus volvatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1600209
Cuphophyllus adonisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Cuphophyllus canescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000205
Cuphophyllus colemannianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball250001026
Cuphophyllus lacmusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball180001019
Cuphophyllus lepidopusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cuphophyllus radiatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Cupreoboletus poikilochromusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6200008
Cyathus cheliensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cyathus confususMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cyathus earleiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000325
Cyathus gracilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0201014
Cyathus helenaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100315
Cyathus intermediusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball01016210
Cyathus julietaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000426
Cyathus limbatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00204410
Cyathus magnomuralisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Cyathus microsporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000527
Cyathus morelensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Cyathus wutaishanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cymatoderma sclerotioidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000235
Cystangium pinetiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cystidiodontia laminiferaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball01402310
Cystoderma carpaticumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cystoderma superbumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball120000012
Cystogomphus humblotiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cystostereum murrayiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball221000023
Dacryopinax elegansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball000011819
Dacryopinax maxidoriiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Dactylosporina steffeniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00002810
Datronia mollisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball247214442
Deconica baylisianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Deflexula fascicularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0003003
Dendrocollybia pycnoramellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Dendrophora erumpensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000203
Dendrothele latenavicularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Dendrothele pitraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Dentipellopsis dacrydiicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Dermocybe cistoadelphaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Dermoloma magicumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Descolea antarcticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Descolea archeuretaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Descolea brunneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Destuntzia sayloriiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Diacanthodes cerebriporoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Dichomitus newhookiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Dichopleuropus spathulatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300115
Dichostereum effuscatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball81002314
Didymium peruvianumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Diplomitoporus globisporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Dryodon suberisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Durianella echinulataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Earliella scabrosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2121113151164
Echinodontium ballouiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Echinodontium japonicumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Echinodontium ryvardeniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Echinoporia inermisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Eichleriella alliciensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000123
Eichleriella sheariiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball20026313
Elmerina sclerodontiaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0500005
Endogonopsis sacramentariumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Entoloma austroroseumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Entoloma bidupenseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Entoloma bloxamiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball250000025
Entoloma chilenseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Entoloma eugeneiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1200003
Entoloma excentricumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball180000018
Entoloma galericolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Entoloma griseocyaneumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball170000017
Entoloma henriciiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000007
Entoloma hochstetteriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0102003
Entoloma jennyaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Entoloma necopinatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Entoloma neglectumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Entoloma nigrovelutinumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Entoloma nubilumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Entoloma parasiticumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Entoloma porphyrophaeumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball220000022
Entoloma prunuloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball190000019
Entoloma queletiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball140000014
Entoloma ravinenseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Erythrophylloporus suthepensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Favolaschia roldanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Favolaschia singerianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000123
Favolus brasiliensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball10104410
Favolus elongoporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000099
Favolus rugulosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00004610
Favolus tenuiculusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball03211613
Fibricium gloeocystidiatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Fibroporia albicansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Filobasidiella luteaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Filoboletus manipularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Fistulina antarcticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Fistulina guzmaniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Fistulina hepaticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball339015351
Fistulina spiculiferaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Fistulinella wolfeanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Flammulina fennaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball140000014
Flammulina mexicanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Flammulina ononidisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball151000016
Flammulina stratosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Flammulina velutipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3312022049
Flaviporus citrinellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball180000018
Flaviporus hydrophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00316414
Flaviporus liebmanniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball04204919
Flavodon flavusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1101256337
Floccularia luteovirensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Floccularia luteovirens f. luteovirensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110000011
Floccularia rickeniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Fomes fasciatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0101161028
Fomitella supinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00304411
Fomitiporia apiahynaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000257
Fomitiporia atlanticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Fomitiporia bambusarumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Fomitiporia neotropicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Fomitiporia nubicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Fomitopsis ibericaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8100009
Fomitopsis minutisporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Fomitopsis officinalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball175102025
Fragiliporia fragilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Fulvifomes kawakamiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Fulvifomes umbrinellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball12026213
Furtadomyces sumptuosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Fuscoporia atlanticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Fuscoporia bifurcataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Fuscoporia formosanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100012
Fuscoporia inonotoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Galerella xalapensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Galerina clavusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball190100020
Galeropsis polytrichoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Ganoderma australeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball19131918171298
Ganoderma colossusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball03329118
Ganoderma guianensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Ganoderma oerstediiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000246
Ganoderma orbiformeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0101024
Ganoderma pfeifferiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball242000026
Ganoderma sp. nov. 'Awaroa'Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Ganoderma stipitatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00003710
Ganoderma valesiacumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Ganoderma zonatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball011306222
Gasterella luteophilaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gastroboletus amyloideusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gastroboletus citrinobrunneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gastroboletus dinoffiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gastroboletus ruberMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gastroboletus valdivianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gastroboletus vividusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gastroleccinum scabrosumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100102
Gastrosporium simplexMushroom, Bracket and Puffball165102125
Gautieria chilensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Gautieria inapireMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Geastrum echinulatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Geastrum hungaricumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball83000011
Geastrum javanicumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball01015310
Geastrum kotlabaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4300007
Geastrum lageniformeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball42003211
Geastrum neoamericanumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000134
Geastrum pouzariiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000105
Geastrum rusticumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Geastrum velutinum var. velutinumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball01122410
Geastrum verrucoramulosumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Geastrum violaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000134
Geesterania davidiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gerronema viridilucensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gliophorus europerplexusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Gliophorus reginaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Gloeoasterostroma sordidumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gloeocantharellus aculeatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gloeocantharellus dingleyaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Gloeocantharellus purpurascensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Gloeocantharellus uitotanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gloeodontia discolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010416
Gloeoporus thelephoroidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball04406317
Gloiocephala cerkeziiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Gloiocephala quercetorumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Gloiothele oleariaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Gloioxanthomyces vitellinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Gomphidius glutinosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball281002031
Gomphidius mediterraneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Gomphidius oregonensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Gomphidius pseudoflavipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gomphidius roseusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball240000024
Gomphidius smithiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Gomphidius subroseusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Gomphogaster leucosarxMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gomphus bonariiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gomphus clavatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball298004041
Gomphus crassipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2020004
Gomphus guadelupensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Goossensia cibarioidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Grammothele brasiliensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Grammothele fuligoMushroom, Bracket and Puffball06729630
Grammothele lineataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball04007314
Grammothele subargenteaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball10005410
Granulobasidium vellereumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Grifola frondosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball305023040
Grifola gargalMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Guepiniopsis fulvaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Guyanagaster lucianiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Guyanagaster necrorhizusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Guyanaporus albipodusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gymnogaster boletoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Gymnopanella nothofagiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gymnopilus punctifoliusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Gyrophana pseudolacrymansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Gyroporus austrobrasiliensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gyroporus mcnabbiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Gyroporus phaeocyanescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000303
Gyroporus punctatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1100002
Haasiella venustissimaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball150000015
Hallingea purpureaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Haloaleurodiscus mangroveiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Hapalopilus croceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball252102030
Hapalopilus nidulansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball286024242
Haploporus odorusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5200209
Heimiomyces atrofulvusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Heimioporus australisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Heimioporus mandarinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0401005
Heliogaster columelliferMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Hemileccinum indecorumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0500005
Henningsia brasiliensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000156
Hericium alpestreMushroom, Bracket and Puffball140000014
Hericium cirrhatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball212012026
Hericium coralloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball299325452
Hericium erinaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2911013145
Hericium rajchenbergiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Heteroradulum brasilienseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Hexagonia hydnoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball21100221146
Hoehnelogaster microsporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Hohenbuehelia boniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Hohenbuehelia culmicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Hohenbuehelia longipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Hormomitaria sulphureaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0301004
Hortiboletus coccyginusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Humidicutis arcohastataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Humidicutis peleaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Humidicutis poilenaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hydnellum compactumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball150000015
Hydnellum cyanopodiumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hydnellum gracilipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Hydnellum mirabileMushroom, Bracket and Puffball90002011
Hydnellum nemorosumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Hydnellum peckiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball163014024
Hydnodon thelephorusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00008614
Hydnophlebia chrysorhizaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0310318
Hydnum repandumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball301000031
Hydropus atramentosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball141012018
Hygroaster cleefiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Hygrocybe aphyllaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Hygrocybe aurantiosplendensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball200000020
Hygrocybe boothiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Hygrocybe calciphilaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball190000019
Hygrocybe citrinovirensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball231000024
Hygrocybe coccineocrenataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball183002023
Hygrocybe flavifoliaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe flavipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball200000020
Hygrocybe helobiaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Hygrocybe ingrataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball190000019
Hygrocybe intermediaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball240000024
Hygrocybe lamalamaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe lepidaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Hygrocybe miniatofirmaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe monteverdaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Hygrocybe mucronellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball210000021
Hygrocybe noelokelaniMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe ovinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball251000026
Hygrocybe pakeloMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe phaeococcineaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Hygrocybe puniceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball301000031
Hygrocybe purpureofoliaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Hygrocybe quietaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball220000022
Hygrocybe reidiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Hygrocybe spadiceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball231000024
Hygrocybe splendidissimaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball170000017
Hygrocybe striatellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Hygrocybe subpapillataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball130000013
Hygrocybe swaneticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1100002
Hygrophoropsis umbricepsMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Hygrophorus caeruleusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrophorus calophyllusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000207
Hygrophorus goetzeiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Hygrophorus hypothejusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball250002027
Hygrophorus karsteniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball80002010
Hygrophorus marzuolusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball171101020
Hygrophorus mexicanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000235
Hygrophorus nemoreus var. raphaneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrophorus olivaceoalbusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball210002023
Hygrophorus rainierensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Hygrophorus subvisciferMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Hygrophorus vernalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Hymenochaete cruentaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball226000129
Hymenochaete damicornisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000121022
Hymenochaete ulmicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8100009
Hymenogaster subalpinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Hymenopellis atroruginosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Hyphoderma etruriaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Hypholoma capnoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball262003031
Hypholoma frowardiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Hypholoma trinitenseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Ileodictyon garnieriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Inocybe comatellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Inonotus albertiniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Inonotus obliquusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball170002019
Inonotus porrectusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100517
Inonotus pusillusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000303
Irpex hacksungiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Ixechinus minorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Ixocomus australiuralensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Jimtrappea guyanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Junghuhnia subundataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00108413
Kavinia chacoserranaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Kombocles bakaianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Krombholziella rugosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Kuehneromyces mutabilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball301013035
Laccaria bicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000117
Laccaria laccataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000034
Laccaria maritimaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100002012
Laccaria pseudomontanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Laccaria tetrasporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Laccariopsis mediterraneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5010006
Lactarius acatlanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius aestivusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius agglutinatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius aurantiosordidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius austrorostratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Lactarius californiensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius chiapanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius coccolobaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius cordovaensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius crassusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius deterrimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball253013032
Lactarius fallaxMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius fuliginellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius fuscomarginatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius haugiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius kauffmaniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius kesiyaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0500005
Lactarius maruiaensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Lactarius mediterraneensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4110006
Lactarius novae-zelandiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Lactarius occidentalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius pallescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius pallidiolivaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius paulusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius pseudomucidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius pseudoscrobiculatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Lactarius rubidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius rubrilacteusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius rubriviridisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius rufulusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius rufusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball313114242
Lactarius sanguifluusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball212203028
Lactarius sayloriiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius strigosipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius subvillosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius torminosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball305125043
Lactarius trivialisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball222003027
Lactarius xanthogalactusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactifluus caatingaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Lactifluus hallingiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000213
Lactifluus igniculusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Lactifluus marielleaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Lactifluus pulchrellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Lactocollybia aurantiacaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000347
Laeticutis cristataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball229004035
Laetiporus squalidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Lamelloporus americanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000347
Laurilia sulcataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball103002015
Lawrynomyces etruriaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Laxitextum lutescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020013
Leccinum andinumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Leccinum arbuticolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leccinum aurantiacumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball262014033
Leccinum californicumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leccinum montanumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leccinum peronatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Leccinum pseudoscabrumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball222002026
Leccinum scabrumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball324025043
Leccinum versipelleMushroom, Bracket and Puffball243004031
Leccinum vulpinumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball130003016
Lentinula aciculosporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000325
Lentinula raphanicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000549
Lentinus concavusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00009716
Lentinus polychrousMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0501006
Lentinus scleropusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball000021930
Lenzites stereoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball12802215
Lenzitopsis oxycedriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3110005
Lepiota brunneolilaceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8010009
Lepiota luteophyllaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lepiota rhodophyllaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lepiota scaberulaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lepiota viridiglebaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lepista nudaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball318324553
Lepista personataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball193000022
Leptonia carneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leptonia subrubineaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Leucoagaricus ariminensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Leucoagaricus dyscritusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leucoagaricus hesperiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leucoagaricus ionidicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110000011
Leucogaster citrinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Leucopaxillus lepistoides var. lepistoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7010008
Leucopaxillus tricolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball181003022
Leucopholiota lignicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Lichenomphalia altoandinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Lignosus rhinocerotisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0702009
Limacella ochraceoluteaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6100018
Limacella solidipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Limnoperdon incarnatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1110205
Lindtneria thujatsuginaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Longistriata flavaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Lycoperdon arenicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Lycoperdon atropurpureumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball141100016
Lycoperdon fuligineumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00006713
Lycoperdon perlatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3515528772
Lycoperdon rimulatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2100306
Lycoperdon sulcatostomumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Lyophyllum favreiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball120000012
Lysurus fossatiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Lysurus gardneriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1100002
Mackintoshia persicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0050005
Macowanites lilacinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Macrocybe giganteaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball011010012
Macrocystidia reductaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Macrolepiota aberdarenseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Macrolepiota bonaerensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Macrolepiota eucharisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Macrolepiota proceraMushroom, Bracket and Puffball347523354
Marasmius cremeusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Marasmius cupreostipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Marasmius grandiviridisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Marasmius guzmanianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Marasmius horridulusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Marasmius limosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball200000020
Marasmius magnusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Marasmius oreadesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball337325252
Marasmius thiersiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Marasmius yanomamiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Marthanella nidulosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Meiorganum neocaledonicumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0003003
Melanoleuca batailleiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110200013
Melanoleuca clelandiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Melanoleuca herreraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Melanoleuca yucatanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Membranomyces spuriusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball112212018
Meruliopsis cystidiataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Mesophellia castaneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Microporellus obovatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball03215516
Montagnea haussknechtiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Montagnea radiosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball15191024252
Morganella austromontanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Morganella puiggariiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100023
Morganella purpurascensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Mutinus argentinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00004610
Mycena chlorophosMushroom, Bracket and Puffball06030110
Mycena concolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100002012
Mycena flavovirensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Mycena globuliformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Mycena hudsonianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Mycena interruptaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Mycena khonkhemMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Mycena lacrimansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Mycena luxaeternaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Mycena mamakuMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Mycena overholtsiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Mycena quiniaultensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Mycena silvae-pristinaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Mycena tenaxMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Mycetinis applanatipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Mycobonia brunneoleucaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000437
Mycolevis sicciglebaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Mycolevis sicciglebusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000303
Myriostoma coliformeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball247313341
Naiadolina flavomerulinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Naucoria sphagnetiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball120000012
Neoalbatrellus subcaeruleoporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Neoburgoa freyiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Neohygrocybe nitrataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball210000021
Neolentiporus squamosellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Neonothopanus nambiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Neophellinus uncisetusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Nigroboletus roseonigrescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Nigrofomes melanoporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball11133413
Nigroporus macroporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Nigroporus vinosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball510823331
Nivatogastrium lignicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Nothocorticium patagonicumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Nothopanus eugrammusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Nothophellinus andinopatagonicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Octaviania ivoryanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0070007
Odontiochaete albaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Omphalotus mexicanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Omphalotus nidiformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Oudemansiella turbinisporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Panaeolus papilionaceus var. papilionaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Panaeolus sylvaticusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Panellus pusillusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball02029720
Paragyrodon sphaerosporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Paraxerula causseiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball160000016
Paxillogaster luteusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Perenniporia aurantiacaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000134
Perenniporia bambusicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0400004
Perenniporia fraxineaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Perenniporia medulla-panisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball190000019
Perenniporia ochroleucaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball51723119
Perenniporiella microporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000224
Perplexostereum endocrocinumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Phaeoaphelaria australiensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Phaeoblastophora peckiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2200206
Phaeoclavulina camelliaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Phaeocollybia benzokauffmaniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phaeocollybia californicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phaeocollybia fallaxMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Phaeocollybia lilacifoliaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phaeocollybia minutaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Phaeocollybia olivaceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phaeocollybia oregonensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Phaeocollybia pseudofestivaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Phaeocollybia ratticaudaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Phaeocollybia scatesiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phaeocollybia singeriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phaeogalera stagninaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball150003018
Phaeogyroporus hibiscusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0101002
Phaeoradulum guadelupenseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phaeotremella foliaceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball278236450
Phallus aureolatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Phallus glutinolensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Phallus impudicus var. togatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Phallus indusiatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball03114413
Phallus squamulosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Phanerochaete australisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0101024
Phanerochaete carnosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1200227
Phanerochaete hiulcaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Phellinidium pouzariiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Phellinotus xerophyticusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000033
Phellinus linteusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball27306220
Phellinus rhytiphloeusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000347
Phellinus shaferiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00005510
Phellinus tropicalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001326
Phellodon atratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Phellodon excentrimexicanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phellorinia herculeanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball66800020
Phlebia ludovicianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000438
Phlebiopsis amethysteaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Phlebopus bruchiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Phlegmacium caligatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5310009
Phlyctibasidium polyporoideumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball01024512
Pholiota cubensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Pholiota henningsiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Pholiota nubigenaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phylloboletellus chloephorusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Phylloporia minutaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Phylloporia solicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Phylloporopsis boletinoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000303
Phylloporus fagicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phylloporus fibulatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Phylloporus guzmaniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phylloporus pelletieriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball315100037
Picipes rhizophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball135202123
Piptoporus quercinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball214001026
Pleurocollybia apodaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Pleurotus albidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00005510
Pleurotus magnificusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Pleurotus ostreatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball34184612882
Pleurotus pulmonariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2511234247
Pleurotus rickiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Pluteus aurantiorugosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball172000019
Pluteus bressollensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Pluteus fenzliiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6200008
Pluteus mammillatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Pluteus pauperculusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Podofomes trogiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000007
Podoscypha multizonataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball121000013
Podoserpula mirandaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Polyozellus atrolazulinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000203
Polyozellus marymargaretaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Polyporus corylinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3020005
Polyporus dictyopusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0654141039
Polyporus efibulatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Polyporus guianensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball10117818
Polyporus ianthinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000145
Polyporus leprieuriiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball142211828
Polyporus mangshanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Polyporus melanopusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball02233313
Polyporus recurvatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Polyporus sapuremaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Polyporus subvariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1200003
Polyporus umbellatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball145002021
Polypus dispansusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0600309
Porogramme albocinctaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball10107615
Porphyrellus zaragozaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Porpoloma pes-capraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Porpoloma spinulosumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball9000009
Porpolomopsis calyptriformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball270000027
Postia caesiaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000024
Pouzarella alissaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Protogaster rhizophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Protogautieria substriataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Protohydnum sclerodontiumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0400004
Protubera jamaicensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000415
Psathyloma psathyrelloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Psathyrella ammophilaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball212112229
Psathyrella atlanticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Psathyrella cystidiosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Psathyrella rhodosporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Psathyrella sphagnicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball120000012
Pseudoaustroboletus valensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0600107
Pseudogyrodon isabellinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0020002
Pseudohydnum gelatinosumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball275126849
Pseudotricholoma metapodiumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball150000015
Pseudotulasnella guatemalensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Pseudoxenasma verrucisporumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6000006
Psiloboletinus laricetiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1200003
Psilocybe aztecorumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Psilocybe banderillensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Psilocybe caerulescens var. caerulescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000437
Psilocybe cordisporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Psilocybe fagicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Psilocybe mammillataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000314
Psilocybe neoxalapensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Pulveroboletus fragransMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Pycnoporellus alboluteusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball111002014
Pycnoporus sanguineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball71724162813105
Pyrofomes demidoffiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball64101012
Pyrofomes lateritiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001135
Ramaria amyloideaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Ramaria aurantiisiccescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Ramaria boreimaximaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Ramaria broomeiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball101000011
Ramaria chocoënsisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Ramaria coulteraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Ramaria flavaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000024
Ramaria flava var. flavaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5100219
Ramaria maculatipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Ramaria patagonicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Ramaria purpurissimaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Ramaria roelliniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Ramaria rubellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball80002010
Ramaria rubrievanescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Ramaria rubripermanensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Ramaria rufescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball101000011
Ramaria stuntziiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Ramaria thiersiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Ramaria verlotensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Ramariopsis lentofragilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Repetobasidiellum fusisporumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000105
Resinoporia piceataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball122000014
Resupinatus vetlinianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Rhizochaete sulphurosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Rhizopogon abietisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rhizopogon baxteriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rhizopogon brunneinigerMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rhizopogon ellipsosporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rhizopogon flavofibrillosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rhizopogon olivaceotinctusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rhizopogon togasawarensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Rhizopogon yakushimensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Rhodactina incarnataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Rhodactina rostratisporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Rhodofomitopsis cupreoroseaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100438
Rhodotus palmatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball253102031
Rickenella minutaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Rigidoporus aurantiacusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000134
Rigidoporus biokoensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball11222210
Rigidoporus lineatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball32449426
Rigidoporus microporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball09158201062
Rigidoporus ulmariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball14124010747
Rigidoporus undatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100111215
Rigidoporus vinctusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball189712946
Rodwaya infundibuliformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Royoporus pseudobetulinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4100106
Rozites colombianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Rubinoboletus rubinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball201000021
Rubroboletus dupainiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball171000018
Rubroboletus eastwoodiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rubroboletus haematinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rubroboletus pulcherrimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Rubroboletus pulchrotinctusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball102000012
Rubroboletus rhodoxanthusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball240100025
Rubroporus carneoporisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Rugosomyces chrysenteronMushroom, Bracket and Puffball230002025
Rugosomyces ionidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball251002028
Russula aerugineaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball223002027
Russula albolutescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Russula alnijorullensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Russula austrodelicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Russula camarophyllaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000007
Russula claroflavaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball253002030
Russula decoloransMushroom, Bracket and Puffball221002025
Russula depauperataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Russula fuegianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Russula galbanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Russula galileensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Russula herreraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Russula hixsoniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Russula littoreaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Russula orsonmilleriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Russula paludosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball211002024
Russula pleurogenaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Russula rubropunctatissimaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Russula siamensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Russula texensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Russula vescaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball294002035
Russula vinosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball201002023
Russula xerophilaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Sarcodon fuligineoviolaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110000011
Sarcodon fuscoindicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Sarcodon imbricatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball243013031
Sarcodon joeidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball120001013
Sarcodon leucopusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball171000018
Sarcodon martioflavusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000007
Sarcodon sp. ”Blackwood”Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Sarcodon squamosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball171002020
Sarcodon versipellisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball140002016
Sarcodontia croceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball220001023
Sceptrulum inflatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Schenella simplexMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Schildia sancti-luxuriiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Schizopora flaviporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2201016
Scleroderma bermudenseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000909
Scleroderma patagonicumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Sclerodon sajanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Sclerogaster araripensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Scotoderma virideMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0201003
Scotomyces subviolaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball143224732
Sedecula pulvinataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Setogyroporus verusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Sidera lenisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball224326239
Sidera loweiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001124
Sidera vulgarisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball182323230
Singeromyces ferrugineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Skeletocutis nothofagiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Skeletocutis odoraMushroom, Bracket and Puffball164002022
Skeletocutis roseolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Skvortzovia furfurellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100113
Solioccasus polychromusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Sparassis crispaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball285003137
Sphaerobolus stellatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball41124113
Spiniger curiosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Spongiforma squarepantsiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Spongiforma thailandicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Spongispora temasekensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Squamanita odorataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7100008
Squamanita paradoxaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball130002015
Squamanita pearsoniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5100208
Squamanita schreieriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball91000010
Squamanita squarrulosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Stalpersia orientalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Steccherinum subochraceumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Stelligera membranaceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Stephanospora chilensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Stereopsis burtianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0400419
Stereopsis humphreyiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Stereopsis vitellinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball120000012
Stereum versicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball621512127
Stilbotulasnella conidiophoraMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Strobilomyces brunneolepidotusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0400004
Strobilomyces mirandusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0500005
Strobilomyces strobilaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball153000018
Stropharia acanthocystisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Stropharia agaricoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Stropharia albivelataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Stropharia ambiguaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Stropharia araucariaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Stropharia coelhoiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Stropharia halophilaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Stropharia venustaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Suillellus amygdalinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillellus comptusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4200006
Suillus americanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball187003028
Suillus bovinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball233222032
Suillus brunnescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus caerulescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus discolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Suillus flavidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball160001017
Suillus fuscotomentosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Suillus gastroflavusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Suillus granulatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball316123447
Suillus grevilleiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball284003035
Suillus lakeiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus luteusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball315623855
Suillus ploransMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Suillus ponderosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus pseudobrevipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus punctatipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus pungensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Suillus quiescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Suillus subalpinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus suilloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Suillus variegatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball270002029
Suillus weaveraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Sutorius ubonensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Taiwanofungus camphoratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Termitomyces clypeatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0331007
Termitomyces eurrhizusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0600006
Termitomyces heimiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0400004
Termitomyces titanicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Thelephora ganbajunMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Thelephora vialisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0402107
Tofispora scaberulaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Tomentella pulvinulataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Tomentellopsis rosannaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Tomophagus cattienensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Trametes cubensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball030017929
Trametes lactineaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball010485330
Trametes ljubarskyiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Trametes membranaceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball020013924
Trametes modestaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball18649937
Trametes pavoniaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball101016826
Trametes suaveolensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball121002015
Trametes variegataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2021131028
Trametes versicolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball36271421511105
Trametes villosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1741211246
Trametopsis brasiliensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Trappea phillipsiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Tremellodendropsis tuberosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Tremellogaster surinamensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000044
Trichaptum fissileMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Trichaptum sectorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball20019719
Tricholoma acerbumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball194000023
Tricholoma apiumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball150002017
Tricholoma borgsjoeënseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6000006
Tricholoma colossusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball180011020
Tricholoma fulvocastaneumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0500005
Tricholoma graveMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Tricholoma joachimiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110001012
Tricholoma matsutakeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball137002022
Tricholoma mesoamericanumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Tricholoma portentosumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball234103031
Tricholomopsis fulvescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Tricholomopsis sulphureoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball81002011
Trichopilus fasciculatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Trichopilus luteolamellatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Tropicoporus drechsleriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Tropicoporus stratificansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Trullella duracinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1110249
Truncospora tephroporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball04411515
Tubaria puniceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Tulasnella robustaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Tulostoma domingueziaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Tulostoma exasperatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Tulostoma exasperatum var. ridleyiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Tulostoma fulvellumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball91000010
Tulostoma moraveciiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110000011
Tulostoma niveumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6000006
Tulostoma striatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1111116
Tumidapexus ravusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Turbinellus kauffmaniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Tylopilus ammiratiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Tylopilus aquarius var. megistusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Tylopilus bulbosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Tylopilus dunensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Tylopilus humilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Tylopilus obscurusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Tylopilus subnigerMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Tyromyces amarusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Uncobasidium roseocremeumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Vanromburghia silvestrisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0301004
Vararia incrustataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Veligaster mexicanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Veluticeps berkeleyiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1300408
Volvariella bombycinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball30114110460
Volvariella caesiotinctaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball220100023
Wrightoporia araucariaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Wrightoporia austrosinensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Wrightoporia avellaneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0110619
Wrightoporia porilacerataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Xerocomellus amylosporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Xerocomellus atropurpureusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Xerocomellus diffractusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Xerocomellus dryophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Xerocomellus mendocinensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Xerocomellus rainisiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Xerocomellus salicicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Xerocomellus zelleriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Xerocomus griseo-olivaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Xerocoprinus arenariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1030004
Xeromphalina junipericolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2100003
Xylobolus brasiliensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Xylobolus gongylodesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Xylodon crassisporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Anthracoidea andinaRust and Smut0000022
Anthracoidea ortegaeRust and Smut0000022
Entyloma maroccanumRust and Smut0010001
Hyalopsora adianti-capilli-venerisRust and Smut91200012
Mundkurella heptapleuriRust and Smut0100001
Mundkurella japonicaRust and Smut0100001
Nyssopsora echinataRust and Smut7000108
Puccinia clintoniiRust and Smut3200207
Puccinia embergeriaeRust and Smut0001001
Puccinia physospermiRust and Smut5200007
Puccinia scorzoneraeRust and Smut125100018
Puccinia sieversiaeRust and Smut3000104
Pucciniastrum goodyeraeRust and Smut4000206
Restiosporium dissimileRust and Smut0001001
Restiosporium lepyrodiaeRust and Smut0001001
Restiosporium pateiRust and Smut0001001
Sphenospora smilacinaRust and Smut0000459
Sporisorium elionuri-tristisRust and Smut0010001
Sporisorium glyphochloaeRust and Smut0100001
Thecaphora melandriiRust and Smut180000018
Uredo forsteraeRust and Smut0001001
Uredo phormiiRust and Smut0001001
Uredo salicorniaeRust and Smut0001001
Urocystis galanthiRust and Smut4000004
Urocystis novae-zelandiaeRust and Smut0001001
Ustilago lepturi-xerophiliRust and Smut0001001
Ustilago neurachnesRust and Smut0001001
Ustilago suddianaRust and Smut0020002


Table 2. Number of countries with occurance is shown for each species and continent. The columns can be sorted by clicking the headers.

Data contributors for each nominated species

SpeciesContributorsLatest Activity
Psathyrella sphagnicolaJan Merta, Inita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Tea von Bonsdorff, Thomas Læssøe, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Fistulina hepaticaJan Merta, James Westrip, Nicolas Schwab, Reda Iršėnaitė, Wim A. Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Javier Marcos Martínez, Tsutomu Hattori, Claudia Perini, Susana C. Gonçalves, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Tommy Knutsson, Nikola Lačković, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, Inita Daniele, Tatyana Svetasheva, Thomas Læssøe, M.R. Asef, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Kamil Kędra, Nirmal Harsh
Calocera corneaJan Merta, Inita Daniele, Tatiana Gibertoni, Renato Lúcio Alvarenga
Lepista personataJan Merta, Angelina Jorjadze, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Hapalopilus nidulansJan Merta, James Westrip, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Sigvard Svensson, Vladimír Kunca, Inita Daniele, Carolina Girometta
Byssomerulius coriumInita Daniele, Jan Merta, Tatiana Gibertoni, Renato Lúcio Alvarenga
Biscogniauxia nummulariaJan Merta, Nicolas Schwab, Roger Melo
Boletus luridiformisJan Merta, Alona Yu. Biketova, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Ahtiana aurescensColby Sain, James Lendemer
Scoliciosporum pensylvanicumColby Sain, Rebecca Yahr
Cantharellus aurantioconspicuusKelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, James Westrip, Adam Liddle
Bacidia gullahgeecheeMwihaki John Karichu, Rebecca Yahr
Bacidia sorediataJames Lendemer, Mwihaki John Karichu, Rebecca Yahr
Anaptychia palmulataBelkes Stambouli, James Lendemer, Rebecca Yahr
Vulpicida viridisJames Lendemer, Corina Vernon
Punctelia appalachensisCorina Vernon, James Lendemer, Rebecca Yahr
Lobaria lobuliferaAndrew Gaier, James Lendemer
Peltigera hydrothyriaJames Westrip, Rebecca Yahr, Jennifer Weil, Anders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Scytinium apalachenseJeremy Howland, James Lendemer
Boletus rubroflammeusPrabha Pant
Platismatia tuckermaniiJames Lendemer, Andrew Gaier, Rebecca Yahr
Cupreoboletus poikilochromusGregory Mueller, Susana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Masonhalea richardsoniiJames Lendemer, Rebecca Yahr
Chrysothrix chamaecyparicolaJames Lendemer, Rebecca Yahr
Punctelia missouriensisJames Lendemer, Jeremy Howland, Rebecca Yahr
Chlorogaster dipterocarpiGregory Mueller, Susana P. Cunha, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe
Gymnogaster boletoidesGregory Mueller, Susana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Durianella echinulataGregory Mueller, Susana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Dirinaria frostiiJames Lendemer, Thomas Quigley, Rebecca Yahr
Absidia cylindrospora var. cylindrosporaAndré Santiago
Ricasolia quercizansJames Lendemer
Hypotrachyna showmaniiJames Lendemer, Rebecca Yahr
Hypotrachyna kauffmanianaJames Lendemer, Rebecca Yahr
Herteliana schuylerianaJames Lendemer, Rebecca Yahr
Anaptychia palmulata var. palmulataBelkes Stambouli
Russula alnijorullensisGregory Mueller, James Westrip, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Andrea Michlig, Anders Dahlberg, Nicolas Niveiro
Coprinus xerophilusFrancesca Floccia, francesca Floccia
Acarospora placodiiformisRebecca Yahr, Seth Ratcliffe, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, André Aptroot, Toby Spribille, Anders Dahlberg, Christoph Scheidegger, Violeta Atienza, Sergio Perez-Ortega
Polyporus umbellatusAngelina Jorjadze, Louis Mielke, Jan Merta, Inita Daniele, Pavel Nedelev, Eugene Popov, Wim A. Ozinga, Stephanos Diamandis, Reda Iršėnaitė, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Irja Saar, Vladimír Kunca, Armin Mešić, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Pleurotus ostreatusAngelina Jorjadze, James Westrip, Inita Daniele, MAURICE Jean-Paul
Amanita caesareaAngelina Jorjadze, Pavel Nedelev, Tatyana Svetasheva, Vera Hayova, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Claudia Perini, Daniel Dvořák, Filip Fuljer, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves, Nirmal Harsh, Tetiana Kryvomaz, Nikola Lačković, Clemence Pillard
Grifola frondosaAngelina Jorjadze, Jan Merta, Izabela L. Kalucka, Inita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Tea von Bonsdorff, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tatyana Svetasheva, Claudia Perini, Daniel Dvořák, Reda Iršėnaitė, Shiva Devkota, Irja Saar, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Wim A. Ozinga, Vera Hayova
Agaricus arvensisAngelina Jorjadze, Arsen Gasparyan, Nicolas Schwab, yajun hou, Ferenc Nemeth, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg
Alloclavaria purpureaIzabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Louis Mielke
Mycosphaerella coussapoaeDiogo H. Costa-Rezende, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Gregory Mueller, Fabiano Branco Rocha
Pluteus mammillatusLouis Mielke, Anders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Hymenochaete damicornisKelmer Martins da Cunha, Marcela Monteiro
Xylaria nigromedullosaGenivaldo Alves-Silva, Juliano M. Baltazar, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Larissa Trierveiler-Pereira
Cantharellus amethysteusJan Merta, James Westrip
Cystoderma superbumJan Merta, Nicolas Schwab, Armin Mešić, Javier Marcos Martínez, Andreas Gminder, Thomas Læssøe
Tremellodendropsis tuberosaJan Merta
Geastrum verrucoramulosumDiogo H. Costa-Rezende, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Dirce Komura
Thamnomyces chamissonisJuliano M. Baltazar, Genivaldo Alves-Silva, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Larissa Trierveiler-Pereira
Gloeocantharellus aculeatusKelmer Martins da Cunha, Maria Eduarda de Andrade Borges
Favolus elongoporusThiago Kossmann, Nelson Menolli Jr, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Denis Zabin
Acanthocorticium brueggemanniiDiogo H. Costa-Rezende, Genivaldo Alves-Silva, Luciana da Canêz, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Juliano M. Baltazar, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Francisco Calaça, Sara Karla de A. A. Carvalho
Lactifluus caatingaeGenivaldo Alves-Silva, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Francisco Calaça
Morganella austromontanaKelmer Martins da Cunha, Thiago Kossmann
Favolus rugulosusKelmer Martins da Cunha, Denis Zabin
Furtadomyces sumptuosusKelmer Martins da Cunha, Francisco Calaça
Xylaria pseudoapiculataThiago Kossmann
Heteroradulum brasilienseKelmer Martins da Cunha, Thiago Kossmann
Parmotrema screminiaeGenivaldo Alves-Silva, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Luciana da Canêz
Psathyrella atlanticaGenivaldo Alves-Silva, Luciana da Canêz, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Francisco Calaça
Clavulina osseaKelmer Martins da Cunha, Maria Eduarda de Andrade Borges
Agrocybe perfectaKelmer Martins da Cunha, Thiago Kossmann
Hypotrachyna revolutaLalita Calabria, Rebecca Yahr, Diego Simijaca, Daphne Stone, Jessica Allen
Hygrophorus calophyllusJan Merta, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Armin Mešić, Ellen Larsson, Tea von Bonsdorff
Lentinula boryanaKelmer Martins da Cunha, Nelson Menolli Jr
Lentinus scleropusKelmer Martins da Cunha, Nelson Menolli Jr
Lentinus concavusKelmer Martins da Cunha, Nelson Menolli Jr
Pleurotus albidusNelson Menolli Jr, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Mariana Drewinski
Pleurotus magnificusKelmer Martins da Cunha, Nelson Menolli Jr
Bresadolia paradoxaKelmer Martins da Cunha, Nelson Menolli Jr
Lentinula raphanicaNelson Menolli Jr, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Mariana Drewinski
Craterellus excelsusAída M. Vasco-Palacios, James Westrip, Adam Liddle
Perichaena taimyriensisJorge Velloso
Lycogala flavofuscumJorge Velloso, Tug DeLuce
Lactarius mediterraneensisArmin Mešić, Claudia Perini, Odysseas Theodorou, Anders Dahlberg, Marina Triantafyllou
Cantharellus violicolorJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus pontevedrensisAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus sordidusJames Westrip
Cantharellus romagnesianusIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus odoratusJames Westrip
Craterellus ignicolorJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus yunnanensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus omphalinoidesJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus elsaeJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus friesiiLouis Mielke, James Westrip
Cantharellus hystrixJames Westrip
Cantharellus cinereusJan Merta, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Cantharellus pruinosusJames Westrip
Craterellus tubaeformisIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Izabela L. Kalucka, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, MAURICE Jean-Paul, James Westrip
Cantharellus subcibariusJames Westrip
Craterellus borealisJames Westrip
Craterellus auratusJames Westrip
Hypocreodendron sanguineumJames Westrip, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Anders Dahlberg, Romina Magalí Sánchez
Capronia capucinaJames Westrip, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, Romina Magalí Sánchez
Bartalinia melleaJames Westrip, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, Romina Magalí Sánchez
Agrocybe elatellaJames Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele
Amanita torrendiiJames Westrip, Nathan Smith, Gregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Amanita friabilisJames Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, Tor Erik Brandrud, Claudia Perini, Maroš Peiger, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tatyana Svetasheva, Tea von Bonsdorff, Reda Iršėnaitė, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Irja Saar, Wim A. Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Daniel Dvořák, Susana C. Gonçalves, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Inita Daniele, Oliver Ellingham, Anna Kiyashko, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Vladimír Kunca, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Xylobolus gongylodesJames Westrip, Catia Canteiro, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Sebastian Martinez, Gerardo Robledo, Yanine Maubet
Lamelloporus americanusJames Westrip, Catia Canteiro, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Carlos A. Salvador Montoya, Danny Newman, Thomas Læssøe
Lycoperdon sulcatostomumJames Westrip, Catia Canteiro, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Larissa Trierveiler-Pereira
Fomitiporia nubicolaCatia Canteiro, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, James Westrip, Genivaldo Alves-Silva, Thiago Kossmann, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Gregory Mueller, MIND.Funga Initiative
Bondarzewia loguerciaeJames Westrip, Catia Canteiro, Thiago Kossmann, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Descolea archeuretaJames Westrip, Claudia Bustamante, Daniela Torres, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Adriana Corrales, Matthew Smith
Agaricus globocystidiatusJames Westrip, Catia Canteiro, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Nelson Menolli Jr, Mariana Drewinski
Tomentellopsis rosannaeJames Westrip, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, Constanza Ranieri
Lysurus fossatiiJames Westrip, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, Maria Luciana Hernandez Caffot
Clathrus argentinusJames Westrip, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Anders Dahlberg, Yanine Maubet
Alpova austroalnicolaJames Westrip, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, David Pelissero
Diacanthodes cerebriporoidesJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Nicolas Niveiro
Phellinotus xerophyticusJames Westrip, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Anders Dahlberg, Yanine Maubet
Neophellinus uncisetusJames Westrip, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, David Pelissero
Phaeoclavulina camelliaJames Westrip, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, David Pelissero
Geastrum violaceusJames Westrip, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, Anders Dahlberg, Yanine Maubet
Cortinarius tucumanensisJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Nicolas Niveiro
Cortinarius quadrisporusJames Westrip, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, Constanza Ranieri
Cortinarius galbusJames Westrip, Kelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, Constanza Ranieri
Amylohyphus africanusJames Westrip, Susana P. Cunha
Aleuromyces gabonicusJames Westrip, Susana C. Gonçalves, Susana P. Cunha
Stelligera membranaceaJames Westrip, Susana P. Cunha
Pseudogyrodon isabellinusJames Westrip, Susana P. Cunha
Dryodon suberisJames Westrip, Susana C. Gonçalves, Susana P. Cunha
Setogyroporus verusJames Westrip, Susana C. Gonçalves, Susana P. Cunha
Mackintoshia persicaSusana C. Gonçalves, James Westrip, Susana P. Cunha
Kombocles bakaianaJames Westrip, Susana C. Gonçalves, Susana P. Cunha
Ixechinus minorJames Westrip, Susana C. Gonçalves, Susana P. Cunha
Octaviania ivoryanaJames Westrip, Susana C. Gonçalves, Susana P. Cunha
Craterellus rugicepsJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus philippinensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus nigerJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus hypolyssoidesJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus tuberculosporusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus stoloniferJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus spathuliformisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus ramealisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus pusioJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus pellucidusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus partitusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus novoguineensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus nivosusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus muscorumJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus morchellocephalusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus minutusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus merrilliiJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus melanocerasJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus mamillatusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus ludmilaeJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus limbatusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus lacunosusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus kunthiiJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus juranusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus inodorusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus inconspicuusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus imperataeJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus hygrophanusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus hiemalisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus haplorutisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus granulosusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus graminumJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus gintliiJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus feltgeniiJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus fechtneriJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus fascicularisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus echinosporusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus dutrochetiiJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus discolorJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus cyatheusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus cupularisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus cuneiformisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus cuculatusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus crassinerviusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus coriaceusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus corconticusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus connatusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus confertusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus collivagusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus coemansiiJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus clitocybeformisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus cavinaeJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus castaneusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus candidissimusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus canalipesJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus brasiliensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus applicatusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus alpinusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus acicularisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Allophoron farinosumJames Westrip, Nelson Salinas
Cantharellus xanthoscyphusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus wellingtonensisIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, James Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus subamethysteusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus septentrionalisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus rubescensJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus pudorinusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus protectusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus indicusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus hainanensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus elongatipesJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus diminutivusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus decipiensJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus cyphelloidesJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus amazonensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cerrena cystidiataMauro C. Westphalen
Xeroceps skamaniaJack Johnson
Cantharellus tomentosusJames Westrip
Cantharellus parvisporusJames Westrip
Cantharellus ochraceusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus violaceovinosusJames Westrip
Craterellus orinocensisJames Westrip
Cantharellus pallensJames Westrip
Cantharellus tenuissimusJames Westrip
Craterellus pallidipesJames Westrip
Cantharellus insignisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus convolvulatusJames Westrip
Craterellus aureusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus presliiJames Westrip
Favolus brasiliensisDenis Zabin, Ailton Matheus
Craterellus cyathiformisJames Westrip
Cantharellus fuligineusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Ganoderma pfeifferiCarolina Girometta, Claudia Perini, Jan Merta, Elias Polemis, James Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Phaeoblastophora peckiiJames Westrip, Susana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Cantharellus redivivusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus elegansJames Westrip
Cantharellus ochraceoravusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus tenellusJames Westrip
Cantharellus ferruginascensJames Westrip, Jan Merta, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Christine Tansey
Hygrocybe lepidaSusana C. Gonçalves, Jan Merta, Armin Mešić, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Anders Dahlberg, A. Martyn Ainsworth
Cantharellus turrisiiJames Westrip
Cantharellus queletiiChristine Tansey, James Westrip
Cantharellus odorusJames Westrip
Craterellus indicusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus violaceusJames Westrip
Craterellus carolinensisJames Westrip
Cantharellus valentiniiJames Westrip
Hypogymnia duplicataStephen Sharrett
Craterellus minimusJames Westrip
Craterellus caeruleofuscusJames Westrip
Cantharellus delitescensJames Westrip
Phaeophyscia rubropulchraNatalie Howe
Cantharellus attenuatusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus ianthinoxanthusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus fissilisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus crassipesJames Westrip
Ganoderma raveneliiMatthew Schink
Cantharellus cuticulatusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus pulverulentusJames Westrip
Cantharellus cerinoalbusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus sphaerosporusJames Westrip
Thecaria montagneiFandri Sofiana Fastanti, Jessica Allen
Craterellus peckiiJames Westrip
Cantharellus niveusJames Westrip
Coriolopsis gallicaJan Merta, Inita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Reda Iršėnaitė
Cantharellus texensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus candicansJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus coccolobaeJames Westrip, Debbie Viess, Roberto Garibay Orijel, Anders Dahlberg, Julieta Alvarez-Manjarrez
Craterellus albostrigosusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus boyacensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle, TEHO Group
Cantharellus transiensJames Westrip
Chamaemyces fracidusMarina Triantafyllou, Jan Merta, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Tea von Bonsdorff, Maroš Peiger, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Wim A. Ozinga, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Armin Mešić
Cantharellus pseudoformosusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus venosusJames Westrip
Cantharellus nigripedesJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus concinnusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus thymiphilusJames Westrip
Parmotrema cristobaliiAndrea Michlig
Lobaria oreganaStephen Sharrett, Jessica Allen
Cora giganteaAída M. Vasco-Palacios, Diego Simijaca
Pyrenula chlorospilaJessica Allen
Usnea lutiiRenato García, Raúl Díaz
Dirina indicaJessica Allen, SILJO JOSEPH
Seirophora lacunosaRebecca Yahr, Eugenia Muchnik, Violeta Atienza
Teloschistes noduliferaRebecca Yahr, Renato García
Lethariella intricataRebecca Yahr, Toby Spribille, Anders Dahlberg, Christoph Scheidegger, Sonia Ravera, Olga Nadyeina
Phaeographis galeanoaeMargarita Maria Jaramillo Ciro
Hypotrachyna intercalandaAndrea Michlig
Everniastrum cirrhatum f. cirrhatumHimanshu Rai
Arthothelium spectabileRebecca Yahr, Isaias de Oliveira Junior
Cladonia rangiferina var. rangiferinaHimanshu Rai
Thelopsis inordinataJessica Allen
Sigridea glaucomoidesJessica Allen
Rinodina exiguaJessica Allen
Rinodina colobinaJessica Allen
Ramalina usneaJessica Allen
Pyxine endochrysinaJessica Allen
Pyrenula subindicaJessica Allen
Pyrenula nodulataJessica Allen
Pseudopyrenula subvelataJessica Allen
Protoblastenia griseococcineaJessica Allen
Phyllopsora parvifolia var. subgranulosaJessica Allen
Phlyctis polyphoraJessica Allen
Mycomicrothelia thelenaJessica Allen
Melaspilea insitivaJessica Allen
Megaloblastenia marginiflexaJessica Allen
Lopadium venustulumJessica Allen
Lopadium saxicolaJessica Allen
Lobaria adpressaJessica Allen
Leptorhaphis epidermidisJessica Allen
Lecidea rubinaJessica Allen
Lecidea luridescensJessica Allen
Lecidea fuscorubidaJessica Allen
Lecanora lecideoidesJessica Allen
Lecanora horizaJessica Allen
Lecanora carnulentaJessica Allen
Lecanactis flavidosellaJessica Allen
Haematomma accolensJessica Allen
Gyalecta tropicaJessica Allen
Graphis implexulaJessica Allen
Graphina spilotaJessica Allen
Graphina semirigidaJessica Allen
Graphina fasciataJessica Allen
Graphina canaliculataJessica Allen
Graphina aeolaJessica Allen
Enterodictyon indicumJessica Allen
Diploicia canescensJessica Allen
Cryptolechia carneoluteaJessica Allen
Crocynia indicaJessica Allen
Cresponea proximataJessica Allen
Cantharellus versicolorJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Usnea rubicundaFRANCIBELK ROA
Campylothelium superbumJessica Allen
Caloplaca orissensisJessica Allen
Caloplaca leptopismaJessica Allen
Caloplaca kurziiJessica Allen
Caloplaca fulvoluteaJessica Allen
Caloplaca encephalartiJessica Allen
Buellia stellulataJessica Allen
Buellia ocellataJessica Allen
Biatorella conspersaJessica Allen
Bacidia chinsurensisJessica Allen
Aulaxina uniseptataJessica Allen
Astrothelium eustomumJessica Allen
Arthothelium subilicinumJessica Allen
Arthothelium pycnocarpoidesJessica Allen
Arthothelium indicumJessica Allen
Arthothelium erumpensJessica Allen
Arthothelium abnormeJessica Allen
Arthopyrenia planorbellaJessica Allen
Arthopyrenia majusculaJessica Allen
Arthonia translucensJessica Allen
Arthonia subvelataJessica Allen
Arthonia recedensJessica Allen
Arthonia ravidaJessica Allen
Arthonia radiataJessica Allen
Arthonia polymorphaJessica Allen
Arthonia medusulaJessica Allen
Arthonia leprariellaJessica Allen
Arthonia dispersulaJessica Allen
Arthonia circumalbicansJessica Allen
Anomomorpha subtorquensJessica Allen
Anisomeridium subnexumJessica Allen
Arthonia catenatulaJessica Allen
Cantharellus rubescensE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Craterellus inusitatusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus confluensJames Westrip
UsneaVinayaka KS
Clitopilus tilliiLouis Mielke, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Annabelle Langlois
Butyriboletus querciregiusLouis Mielke, James Westrip, Noah Siegel
Auriporia aurulentaLouis Mielke, Nicolas Schwab, Susana C. Gonçalves, Izabela L. Kalucka, Gregory Mueller, Armin Mešić, Tatyana Svetasheva, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Jan Merta, James Westrip, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Sergey Volobuev
Russula littoreaLouis Mielke, Patrick Leonard, Jerry Cooper
Elaphomyces virgatosporusLouis Mielke, Mikael Jeppson, Izabela L. Kalucka, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano, Michael Krikorev, Tine Grebenc, Ivona Kautmanova, Thomas Læssøe, Anders Dahlberg
Cantharellus borealisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Craterellus olivaceoluteusJames Westrip
Cantharellus ianthinusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus verrucosusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus subcarneusJames Westrip
Cantharellus vaginatusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus dilatusJames Westrip
Fissurina linoanaDiego Simijaca
Canoparmelia austroamericanaAndrea Michlig, Renato García
Cantharellus longipesJames Westrip
Cladonia ibitipocaePedro Borges Duarte, Augusto Uggioni
Sympodiella acicolaLouis Mielke, Elaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Pyrenula globiferaErmalene Taer
Clavulina spruceiGiovanna Lima da Silva, Juliana Lima, Eduardo Cavalcanti
Phaeophyscia sonoraeDiego Simijaca
Cantharellus pleurotoidesJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Albatrellus ovinusAnders Dahlberg
Ganoderma valesiacumLouis Mielke, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Carolina Girometta
Chalciporus amarellusMarina Triantafyllou, Claudia Perini, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Armin Mešić
Melanoleuca batailleiClaudia Perini, ISPRA Network for the study of Mycological Diversity, Anders Dahlberg, Odysseas Theodorou
Boletus roseoalbidusAnders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva, Odysseas Theodorou, ISPRA Network for the study of Mycological Diversity, Alona Yu. Biketova, James Westrip, Claudia Perini
Gomphidius mediterraneusAnders Dahlberg, Claudia Perini
Galerina clavusJames Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Bovista limosaMikael Jeppson, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Yury Rebriev, A. Martyn Ainsworth, ISPRA Network for the study of Mycological Diversity, Irja Saar
Arrasia rostrataJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Claudia Perini, Michael Krikorev
Elaphomyces aculeatusMikael Jeppson, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Piotr Chachuła, Andreas Gminder, Jean Berube, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Anders Dahlberg, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, David Minter
Tulostoma moraveciiMikael Jeppson, Jan Merta, A. Martyn Ainsworth, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Lycoperdon rimulatumMikael Jeppson, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Tommy Knutsson
Bovista acuminataMikael Jeppson, Nicolas Schwab, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva, Yury Rebriev, Irina Gorbunova, Annabelle Langlois, Jean Berube, Thomas Læssøe
Leucoagaricus ariminensisAnders Dahlberg, Francesco Dovana
Dermocybe cistoadelphaJoão Silva, Carlos Vila-Viçosa, Ahmed Abdel-Azeem, Vasco Fachada, Susana P. Cunha, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves
Parastereopsis borneensisSusana P. Cunha, Grace Whitacre
Byssoporia terrestrisSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Limnoperdon incarnatumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Sedecula pulvinataSusana P. Cunha, Noah Siegel
Blastosporella zonataE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Anders Dahlberg, Aída M. Vasco-Palacios, TEHO Group
Hericium coralloidesJohn Bjarne Jordal, ISPRA Network for the study of Mycological Diversity, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Angeles De Leon, Odysseas Theodorou, Wim A. Ozinga, Daniel Dvořák, Irja Saar, Claudia Perini, Mario Rajchenberg, Tsutomu Hattori, Tea von Bonsdorff, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, M.R. Asef, Anders Dahlberg, Olga Nadyeina, Nirmal Harsh, Peter Buchanan, Boris Ivančević, Tatyana Svetasheva, Inita Daniele, Mitko Karadelev, Vladimír Kunca, Kamil Kędra
Cantharellus melanoxerosClaudia Perini, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Tor Erik Brandrud, James Westrip, Viktor Kučera, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tea von Bonsdorff, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Nicolas Schwab, Tatyana Svetasheva, Irja Saar, Ivona Kautmanova, Wim A. Ozinga, Else Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves, Boris Ivančević
Gloeoasterostroma sordidumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Gyrophana pseudolacrymansSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Fuscoporia atlanticaE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Viviana Motato-Vásquez
Veloporphyrellus pantoleucusAdriana Corrales, Catia Canteiro
Corallofungus hatakeyamanusSusana P. Cunha, Grace Whitacre
Volvariella bombycinaIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Attila Sandor, Inita Daniele
Adustomyces lusitanicusSusana P. Cunha, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves
Phlegmacium caligatumVasco Fachada, Susana P. Cunha, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves
Singeromyces ferrugineusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Paxillogaster luteusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Odontiochaete albaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Phaeoradulum guadelupenseSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Protogaster rhizophilusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Macowanites lilacinusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Gomphogaster leucosarxSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Limacella subfurnaceaAnders Dahlberg, Francesco Dovana
Craterellus atrocinereusNoah Siegel, James Westrip
Cantharellus carneoflavusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus koreanusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Tumidapexus ravusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Spiniger curiosusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Craterellus cornucopioidesClaudia Perini, AMER Roman Mycological Ecological Association (Italy), Nicolas Schwab, Angelina Jorjadze, Izabela L. Kalucka, James Westrip, Inita Daniele, MAURICE Jean-Paul, Serena ML Lee, Tea von Bonsdorff, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), David Genney, Vladimír Kunca, Wim A. Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Cantharellus fuscipesJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Bondarcevomyces taxiGregory Mueller, Tatyana Svetasheva, Anders Dahlberg, Anna Kiyashko
Sclerodon sajanensisSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Tricholomopsis sulphureoidesMarina Triantafyllou, Nicolas Schwab, Anders Dahlberg, Irja Saar
Cyttaria espinosaeCatia Canteiro, Thiago Kossmann, Gregory Mueller, Adriana Calle
Beauveria diapheromeriphilaCatia Canteiro, Thiago Kossmann, Gregory Mueller, Tatiana Sanjuan
Cantharellus zangiiJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus viscosusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus salmoneusJames Westrip
Cantharellus atrofuscusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Craterellus marasmioidesJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Didymium peruvianumMayra Camino Vilaró, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Armillaria paulensisNelson Menolli Jr, Mariana Drewinski
Piricaudiopsis elegansKelmer Martins da Cunha, Julio Mena-Portales, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Didymium eremophilumKelmer Martins da Cunha, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Amanita chocoanaPaul Gamboa-Trujillo
Craterellus atratoidesAída M. Vasco-Palacios, James Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus cinereofimbriatusAída M. Vasco-Palacios, James Westrip
Perichaena agavesE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Memnoniella nilagiricaE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Gloiothele oleariaAnders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves
Lawrynomyces etruriaeAnders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves
Diderma corrugatumE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Craterium paraguayenseE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Solheimia costisporaE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Phialosporostilbe turbinataE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Holubovaea roystoneicolaE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Craspedodidymum cubenseE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Cantharellus devexusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus chrysosporiusJames Westrip
Cantharellus conspicuusJames Westrip
Cantharellus afrocibariusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus alborufescensSusana C. Gonçalves, Nicolas Schwab, James Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus phloginusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Guepiniopsis fulvaSusana C. Gonçalves, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Claudia Perini, Odysseas Theodorou
Leucopholiota lignicolaAnders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva, Irina Gorbunova
Armillaria ectypaJan Merta, Anders Dahlberg, Daniel Dvořák, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Vladimír Kunca, Reda Iršėnaitė, Elena Zvyagina, Tea von Bonsdorff, Tsutomu Hattori, Thomas Læssøe, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Michael Krikorev, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Inita Daniele, Tatyana Svetasheva
Sarcodon versipellisJan Merta, Anders Dahlberg, Ivona Kautmanova, Tor Erik Brandrud, Maroš Peiger
Hygrocybe reidiiJan Merta, Inita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Pavel Nedelev, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tatyana Svetasheva, Wim A. Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Filip Fuljer
Hygrocybe quietaJan Merta, Inita Daniele, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Gregory Mueller, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal, Filip Fuljer
Hygrocybe phaeococcineaJan Merta, Claudia Perini, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Anders Dahlberg, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Filip Fuljer
Hygrocybe flavipesJan Merta, James Westrip, John Bjarne Jordal, Nicolas Schwab, Pavel Nedelev, Daniel Dvořák, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Wim A. Ozinga, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Armin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, A. Martyn Ainsworth
Cortinarius bulliardiiJan Merta, Sergey Volobuev, Gregory Mueller, Armin Mešić, Tor Erik Brandrud, Izabela L. Kalucka, Susana C. Gonçalves, Claudia Perini, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tatyana Svetasheva, Nicolas Schwab, Anders Dahlberg
Arrhenia lobataJan Merta, Tatyana Svetasheva, James Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, ISPRA Network for the study of Mycological Diversity, Claudia Perini, Anders Dahlberg, Inita Daniele, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Naucoria sphagnetiJan Merta, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Inita Daniele
Leucopaxillus tricolorJan Merta, Tor Erik Brandrud, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irja Saar, Inita Daniele, Claudia Perini, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Daniel Dvořák, Anders Dahlberg, Irina Gorbunova
Postia caesiaJan Merta, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Suillus flavidusJan Merta, Alona Yu. Biketova, Irja Saar, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Daniel Dvořák, Wim A. Ozinga, Reda Iršėnaitė, Elena Zvyagina, Tea von Bonsdorff, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, Vladimír Kunca, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Michael Krikorev, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Inita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Kamil Kędra, Beatrice Senn-Irlet
Lactarius sanguifluusJan Merta, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Ramaria flavaJan Merta, Inita Daniele, Matthew Smith, James Westrip
Skeletocutis odoraJan Merta, Vladimír Kunca, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Inita Daniele, Reda Iršėnaitė, Daniel Dvořák, Anders Dahlberg
Tulostoma fulvellumJan Merta, Ivona Kautmanova, Anders Dahlberg, Yury Rebriev
Rugosomyces ionidesJan Merta, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Inita Daniele, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg
Rugosomyces chrysenteronJan Merta, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Inita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Irja Saar
Myriostoma coliformeJan Merta, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Claudia Perini, Nirmal Harsh, Aouali Souhila, Yury Rebriev, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Tommy Knutsson, Vera Hayova, André Aptroot, Thomas Læssøe, Mitko Karadelev, Vladimír Kunca, M.R. Asef, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Boris Ivančević
Laeticutis cristataJan Merta, Susana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Cantharellus cibariusJan Merta, Arsen Gasparyan, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Carrie Andrew, Michael Krikorev
Discina fastigiataJan Merta, Eugene Popov, Piotr Chachuła, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Daniel Dvořák, Tommy Knutsson
Floccularia luteovirensJan Merta, Dario Gisotti, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Javier Marcos Martínez, Anders Dahlberg, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Schizopora flaviporaJan Merta, Vitor Lima
Xylaria hypoxylonJan Merta, David Minter, Inita Daniele, LAYANNE FERRO
Xylaria longipesJan Merta, Inita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Roger Melo
Boletus torosus var. torosusJan Merta, Vladimír Kunca, Daniel Dvořák, Alona Yu. Biketova, Nicolas Schwab, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anna Kiyashko
Asterophora lycoperdoidesJan Merta, Nicolas Schwab, Pavel Nedelev, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Wim A. Ozinga, Reda Iršėnaitė, Armin Mešić, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Inita Daniele, Tsutomu Hattori, Elena Zvyagina, Michael Krikorev, Stephanos Diamandis
Cantharellus applanatusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus himalayensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus neocaledoniensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Mycolevis sicciglebusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Castoreum radicatumSusana P. Cunha
Psiloboletinus laricetiSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Solioccasus polychromusSusana C. Gonçalves, Susana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Haloaleurodiscus mangroveiSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Agaricus crocopeplusLouis Mielke, Anders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller, Eugene Popov, Else Vellinga, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Parmotrema acutatumDiego Simijaca
Costatisporus cyanescensSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Castellanea pakaraimophilaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Sceptrulum inflatumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Phaeogyroporus hibiscusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Stalpersia orientalisSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Schildia sancti-luxuriiSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Rhodobolites roseusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Laurilia sulcataSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Dichopleuropus spathulatusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Tofispora scaberulaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Dendrophora erumpensSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Polypus dispansusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Hoehnelogaster microsporusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Borofutus dhakanusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Cejpomyces globosisporusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Heliogaster columelliferSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Pseudoaustroboletus valensSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Nigroboletus roseonigrescensSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Fragiliporia fragilisSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Pseudoxenasma verrucisporumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Bulbilla applanataSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Phylloboletellus chloephorusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Ceratoporia perplexaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Lentoporia carbonicaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Scotoderma virideSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Phaeoaphelaria australiensisSusana P. Cunha
Horakiella clelandiiSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Diploderma avellaneumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Rodwaya infundibuliformisSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Hybogaster giganteusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Tremellogaster surinamensisSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Sclerangium brasilienseSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Pseudotulasnella guatemalensisSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Pleurogala igapoensisSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Aurantiporus alborubescensDaniel Dvořák, Vladimír Kunca, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Tommy Knutsson, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen
Baeospora myriadophyllaVladimír Kunca, Nicolas Schwab, Irina Gorbunova, Daniel Dvořák, Tea von Bonsdorff, Noah Siegel, Irja Saar, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Scotomyces subviolaceusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Ixocomus australiuralensisSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Marthanella nidulosaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Carolinigaster bonitoiSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Stilbotulasnella conidiophoraSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Rhopalogaster transversariusSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Pompholyx occidentaleSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Phylloporopsis boletinoidesSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Barbeyella minutissimaInita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Tetiana Kryvomaz
Paragyrodon sphaerosporusSusana P. Cunha, Anders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Gastroleccinum scabrosumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Fomitopsis ibericaVladimír Kunca, Masoomeh Ghobad-Nejhad, Claudia Perini, Anna Kiyashko, Bojan Šeguljev
Fuscoboletinus weaveraeSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Chrysoconia orthosporaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Pholiota henningsiiIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Wim A. Ozinga, Thomas Læssøe, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Boletus regiusIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Alona Yu. Biketova, Daniel Dvořák, Andreas Gminder, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Nikola Lačković, Olga Nadyeina, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Ivona Kautmanova, Kamil Kędra, Tatyana Svetasheva, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Boris Ivančević
Antrodia labyrinthicaVladimír Kunca
Krombholziella rugosaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Ionomidotis irregularisA. Martyn Ainsworth, Tor Erik Brandrud, Inita Daniele, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Daniel Dvořák, Else Vellinga, Vladimír Kunca, Tsutomu Hattori, Eugene Popov, Tea von Bonsdorff
Amylocystis lapponicaInita Daniele, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tea von Bonsdorff, Irja Saar, Daniel Dvořák, Noah Siegel, Thomas Læssøe, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Claudia Perini, Michael Krikorev
Cystogomphus humblotiiSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Trametes suaveolensJan Merta, Nathan Smith, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Inita Daniele, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Reda Iršėnaitė
Hymenochaete cruentaJan Merta, Nicolas Schwab, Vladimír Kunca, Else Vellinga, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka
Cantharellus lagunaeJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cystostereum murrayiGregory Mueller, Izabela L. Kalucka, Inita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Dentipellopsis dacrydiicolaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Lactarius torminosusInita Daniele, James Westrip
Lactarius trivialisInita Daniele, James Westrip
Datronia mollisInita Daniele, Jan Merta, Tatiana Gibertoni, Virton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira
Cantharellus rhodophyllusJames Westrip
Boletopsis griseaInita Daniele, Tor Erik Brandrud, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Claudia Perini, Irja Saar, Reda Iršėnaitė, Daniel Dvořák, Tsutomu Hattori, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Tea von Bonsdorff, Tatyana Svetasheva, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, André Aptroot, Thomas Læssøe, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Kamil Kędra, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev
Licrostroma subgiganteumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Bryoclavula phycophilaSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Perplexostereum endocrocinumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Cortinarius eucaeruleusJan Merta, Anders Dahlberg, Dario Gisotti, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Tor Erik Brandrud
Amylaria himalayensisSusana P. Cunha
Echinodontiellum japonicumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Gasterella luteophilaSusana P. Cunha
Endogonopsis sacramentariumSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Geastrum argentinumAnders Dahlberg, Maria Luciana Hernandez Caffot
Ramaria boreimaximaInita Daniele, Tea von Bonsdorff, Anders Dahlberg, Irja Saar, Niclas Bergius, Michael Krikorev
Ramaria rubellaJan Merta
Gyromitra korshinskiiInita Daniele, Daniel Dvořák, Anders Dahlberg, Vladimír Kunca, Tatyana Svetasheva, Eugene Popov
Xylaria compunctaEugene Popov, Ole Sparre Pedersen
Leccinum scabrumJan Merta, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Leccinum aurantiacumJan Merta, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Leccinum pseudoscabrumJan Merta, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Pleurotus pulmonariusJan Merta, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Hydnellum peckiiJan Merta, Inita Daniele, Natalie Tan Laura Jenny
Pseudohydnum gelatinosumJan Merta, Inita Daniele, Tatiana Gibertoni, Renato Lúcio Alvarenga
Phylloporus pelletieriJan Merta, Alona Yu. Biketova, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Wim A. Ozinga, Jose Castro, Vladimír Kunca, Else Vellinga, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Giampaolo Simonini, Tatyana Svetasheva
Sarcodontia croceaJan Merta, Vladimír Kunca, Sergey Volobuev, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Inita Daniele, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Daniel Dvořák, Wim A. Ozinga, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Reda Iršėnaitė
Volvariella caesiotinctaJan Merta, Ferenc Nemeth, Claudia Perini, Yury Rebriev, Anders Dahlberg, Inita Daniele, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Craterellus subperforatusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus tomentosoidesJames Westrip
Cantharellus subfloridulusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus solidusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus schmitziiAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus ruberAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus pseudomiomboensisAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus miomboensisAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus minutissimusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus luteopunctatusAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, James Westrip
Cantharellus isabellinusAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, James Westrip
Cantharellus hydnoidesAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus humidicolaAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus heinemannianusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus guineensisAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus griseoisabellinusAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, James Westrip
Cantharellus gracilisAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus densilamellatusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus densifoliusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Goossensia cibarioidesAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus albidosquamosusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Craterellus parvogriseusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus roseofagetorumJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus nothofagorumJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus incrassatusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus hygrophoroidesJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Adam Liddle
Sporisorium elionuri-tristisJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Entyloma maroccanumJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Michael Krikorev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Vesiculomyces epitheloidesSusana P. Cunha, Catia Canteiro
Marasmius oreadesAngelina Jorjadze, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Neoburgoa freyiGrace Whitacre
Membranomyces spuriusGrace Whitacre
Repetobasidiellum fusisporumGrace Whitacre
Burgellopsis niveaGrace Whitacre
Bergerella atrofuscaGrace Whitacre, Catia Canteiro
Tylocinum griseolumCatia Canteiro
Neoalpova rubescensCatia Canteiro
Neoacladium indicumCatia Canteiro
Michenera incrustataCatia Canteiro
Indoporus shoreaeCatia Canteiro
Hymenoboletus luteopurpureusCatia Canteiro
Entomocorticium dendroctoniCatia Canteiro
Entoloma atromadidumSimon Harding
Craterellus lutescensJan Merta, James Westrip, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, MAURICE Jean-Paul
Buchwaldoboletus lignicolaJan Merta, Alona Yu. Biketova, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Daniel Dvořák, Irja Saar, Vladimír Kunca, Wim A. Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Else Vellinga, Christian Schwarz, Tatyana Svetasheva
Craterellus costaricensisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Craterellus flavobrunneusJames Westrip
Cantharellus albomarginatusJames Westrip
Cantharellus rufopunctatusSusana C. Gonçalves, James Westrip
Cantharellus mexicanusJames Westrip
Geastrum pampeanumMaria Luciana Hernandez Caffot
Piptoporus quercinusClaudia Perini, James Westrip, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Reda Iršėnaitė, Daniel Dvořák, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Andreas Gminder, Martin Livezey, Tsutomu Hattori, Tatyana Svetasheva, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Tommy Knutsson, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Ivona Kautmanova, Thomas Læssøe, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren
Arthonia kermesinaJessica Allen, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Toby Spribille, Christoph Scheidegger, James Lendemer, Erin Tripp
Hygrocybe spadiceaOleh Prylutskyi, Filip Fuljer, Irina Gorbunova, Pavel Nedelev, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Inita Daniele, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Armin Mešić, Daniel Dvořák, Jean Berube, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Michael Krikorev, Eef Arnolds
Cantharellus roseolusJames Westrip
Cantharellus natarajaniiJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus kavinaeJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus deliciosusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus benesiiJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus triangularisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus roseusJames Westrip
Cantharellus whymperiJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus behringensisJames Westrip
Cantharellus umbricepsJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus purpuraceusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus reniformisJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus politusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus strigipesJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus edulisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus luteostipitatusJames Westrip
Suillus granulatusAngelina Jorjadze, Alona Yu. Biketova, Inita Daniele, Pavel Nedelev, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg
Lycoperdon perlatumAngelina Jorjadze, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg
Lepista nudaAngelina Jorjadze, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Macrolepiota proceraAngelina Jorjadze, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Geastrum lageniformeAngelina Jorjadze, Larissa Trierveiler-Pereira
Gastrosporium simplexAngelina Jorjadze, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Daniel Dvořák, Izabela L. Kalucka, Jean Berube, Tatyana Svetasheva, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Mikael Jeppson, Ivona Kautmanova, Tommy Knutsson, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Anders Dahlberg, Yury Rebriev
Flammulina velutipesAngelina Jorjadze, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg
Clitopilus prunulusAngelina Jorjadze, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg
Battarrea phalloidesAngelina Jorjadze, Claudia Perini, Alona Yu. Biketova, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, ISPRA Network for the study of Mycological Diversity, Nicolas Schwab, Daniel Dvořák, Armin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, Tom May, Vera Hayova, Mikael Jeppson, Mitko Karadelev, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Ivona Kautmanova, Yury Rebriev, Kamil Kędra, Violeta Atienza, Boris Ivančević, Michael Krikorev
Cantharellus hrabanoviiJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus dovrefjeldiensisJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus decurrensJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cystidiodontia laminiferaAilton Matheus, Tatiana Gibertoni, Renato Lúcio Alvarenga
Cantharellus subvaginatusJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus albovenosusAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Adam Liddle
Xerocomellus salicicolaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Suillus quiescensJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Suillus brunnescensJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Ramaria rubripermanensJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Mycena quiniaultensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius fallaxJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius crassusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Hortiboletus coccyginusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cortinarius verrucisporusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Chroogomphus tomentosusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Chroogomphus pseudovinicolorJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus quercophilusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel, Anders Dahlberg, David Lewis
Cantharellus deceptivusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus camphoratusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus californicusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Butyriboletus persolidusGregory Mueller, James Westrip, Noah Siegel
Butyriboletus autumniregiusGregory Mueller, James Westrip, Noah Siegel
Butyriboletus abieticolaGregory Mueller, James Westrip, Noah Siegel
Aureoboletus citriniporusGregory Mueller, Michael Wood, James Westrip, Noah Siegel
Rhizopogon yakushimensisJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Masao Murata
Rhizopogon togasawarensisJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Masao Murata
Xylopsora canopeorumJames Westrip, Jessica Allen, Rikke Reese Næsborg
Umbilicaria phaea var. coccineaJames Westrip, Jessica Allen, Anders Dahlberg, Troy McMullin
Trapeliopsis bisorediataJames Westrip, Rikke Reese Næsborg, Jessica Allen
Ramalina menziesiiJames Westrip, Rikke Reese Næsborg
Phlyctis petraeaJames Westrip, James Lendemer
Lecanora protervulaJames Westrip, James Lendemer
Hypotrachyna ripariaJames Westrip, Jessica Allen, Daphne Stone
Bacidia schweinitziiJames Westrip, James Lendemer
Alectoria fallacinaJames Westrip, Jessica Allen
Parmotrema pachydermumJames Westrip, Hailee Leimbach-Maus, Jessica Allen, Adriano Spielmann
Parmotrema bifidumJames Westrip, Jessica Allen, Adriano Spielmann
Tylopilus dunensisJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Altielys Magnago, Diogo H. Costa-Rezende
Phlebopus bruchiiJames Westrip, Thiago Kossmann, Gregory Mueller, Gerardo Robledo
Marasmius horridulusJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Dirce Komura
Hericium rajchenbergiiJames Westrip, Thiago Kossmann, Gregory Mueller, Gerardo Robledo
Ceriporia amazonicaJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Adriene Mayra Soares
Trametopsis brasiliensisJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Mauro C. Westphalen
Phallus glutinolensJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Larissa Trierveiler-Pereira
Phallus aureolatusJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Larissa Trierveiler-Pereira
Panaeolus sylvaticusJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Francisco Calaça
Mycobonia brunneoleucaJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Melissa Palacio
Gerronema viridilucensJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Mariana Drewinski
Fomitiporia atlanticaJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Felipe Bittencourt
Coltricia permollisJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Juliano M. Baltazar
Blumenavia crucis-hellenicaeJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Larissa Trierveiler-Pereira
Cantharellus albidolutescensAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip
Cantharellus lilacinopruinatusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus atlanticusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus gallaecicusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus lourizanianusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus ciliatusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cortinarius atrovirensIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Armin Mešić, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Peter Karasch, Anders Dahlberg, Tor Erik Brandrud
Rubroboletus dupainiiAnders Dahlberg, Alona Yu. Biketova, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Daniel Dvořák, Susana C. Gonçalves, Thomas Læssøe, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Ivona Kautmanova, João Baptista-Ferreira, Tatyana Svetasheva, Vladimír Kunca, Claudia Perini
Tulostoma niveumAnders Dahlberg, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Tea von Bonsdorff, Thomas Læssøe, Mikael Jeppson, Michael Krikorev, Stephan Helfer, Craig Hilton-Taylor, A. Martyn Ainsworth
Cortinarius suaveolensAnders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Daniel Dvořák, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Tommy Knutsson
Ramaria roelliniiAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Michael Krikorev, Tommy Knutsson
Pluteus fenzliiAnders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tatyana Svetasheva, Armin Mešić, Elena Zvyagina, Vladimír Kunca, Irina Gorbunova
Hydnellum compactumAnders Dahlberg, Daniel Dvořák, Wim A. Ozinga, Nikola Lačković, Tommy Knutsson, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Ivona Kautmanova
Hapalopilus croceusDaniel Dvořák, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Wim A. Ozinga, Irja Saar, Armin Mešić, Thomas Læssøe, Tsutomu Hattori, Reda Iršėnaitė, Vera Hayova, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Inita Daniele, Vladimír Kunca, Michael Krikorev, Anders Dahlberg
Gyroporus punctatusAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori, Tatyana Svetasheva
Cuphophyllus colemannianusJohn Bjarne Jordal (old account), Daniel Dvořák, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Wim A. Ozinga, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Armin Mešić
Laccariopsis mediterraneaAnders Dahlberg, Dario Gisotti
Cortinarius prasinocyaneusTor Erik Brandrud, Anders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson
Chaenotheca furfuraceaGesa von Hirschheydt
Cantharellus aureolusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus canaliculatusJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus anzutakeJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Orbispora pernambucanaLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Fomitiporia neotropicaTatiana Gibertoni, Virton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira
Phylloporia solicolaTatiana Gibertoni, Virton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira
Tropicoporus stratificansVirton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira, Tatiana Gibertoni
Racocetra intraornataLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Glomus pansihalosLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Scutellospora castaneaLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Racocetra tropicanaLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Acaulospora herreraeLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Scutellospora hawaiiensisJoana Veras
Glomus magnicauleLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Scutellospora savannicolaLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Paraglomus pernambucanumLeonor Maia, Lilian Araujo Rodrigues
Glomus taiwanenseJoana Veras
Glomus spinosumJoana Veras
Diversispora aurantiaJoana Veras
Acaulospora minutaJoana Veras
Acaulospora excavataJoana Veras
Dermoloma magicumPeter Roberts, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Daniel Dvořák, Anders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Tricholoma colossusDaniel Dvořák, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Claudia Perini, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Inita Daniele, MAURICE Jean-Paul, James Westrip, Pavel Nedelev, Gerhard Kost
Phellinidium pouzariiDaniel Dvořák, Vladimír Kunca, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Peter Karasch
Lactocollybia aurantiacaDanny Newman
Callistodermatium aurantiumDanny Newman
Rubinoboletus rubinusAlona Yu. Biketova, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Daniel Dvořák, Armin Mešić, Vladimír Kunca, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Tor Erik Brandrud, Giampaolo Simonini, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Anders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva
Calopadia saxicolaJessica Allen, Emerson Luiz Gumboski
Perenniporia fraxineaNicolas Schwab, Vladimír Kunca, Tug DeLuce
Armillaria tabescensNicolas Schwab, Mitko Karadelev, Pavel Nedelev, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Carolina Girometta
Gomphus clavatusVera Hayova, Nicolas Schwab, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Izabela L. Kalucka, GEOFFREY LAGRANGE, Daniel Dvořák, Irja Saar, Armin Mešić, Elena Zvyagina, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Thomas Læssøe, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Irina Gorbunova, Kamil Kędra, Claudia Perini, Pablo Pérez Daniëls, Inita Daniele, Boris Ivančević, Vladimír Kunca, Michael Krikorev, Anders Dahlberg
Hygrocybe mucronellaInita Daniele, AMER Roman Mycological Ecological Association (Italy), ISPRA Network for the study of Mycological Diversity, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Gregory Mueller, Nicolas Schwab, Claudia Perini, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal, Filip Fuljer
Baorangia emileorumGerhard Koller, Alona Yu. Biketova
Morchella anatolicaMichael Loizides
Russula camarophyllaNicolas Schwab
Fuscoporia inonotoidesE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Felipe Bittencourt, Thiago Kossmann, Gregory Mueller, MIND.Funga Initiative
Porpoloma spinulosumIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Nicolas Schwab, Andreas Gminder, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Thomas Læssøe
Pyrofomes demidoffiiAngelina Jorjadze, Elias Polemis, Vera Hayova, Anders Dahlberg, Mitko Karadelev
Sidera lenisAngelina Jorjadze, Inita Daniele, Tatiana Gibertoni, Virton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira
Amanita singeriAngelina Jorjadze, Nicolas Schwab, Javier Marcos Martínez
Acaulospora elegansAnders Dahlberg, Joana Veras, Leonor Maia
Acaulospora denticulataAnders Dahlberg, José Hilton dos Passos
Acanthotrema brasilianumAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Isaias de Oliveira Junior
Deflexula fascicularisAnders Dahlberg, Roy Halling, Tom May, Sapphire McMullan-Fisher
Phellorinia herculeanaAnders Dahlberg, Yury Rebriev
Clavulinopsis appalachiensisRick Van de Poll
Macrolepiota aberdarenseClaudia Perini
Irpex hacksungiiJames Westrip
Polyporus sapuremaJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Melissa Palacio
Ophiocordyceps ainictosJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Felipe Bittencourt
Lactifluus marielleaeJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Maria Eduarda de Andrade Borges
Cortinarius viridansJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Tor Erik Brandrud
Atroporus diabolicusJames Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Melissa Palacio
Marasmius magnusAltielys Magnago
Gyroporus austrobrasiliensisAltielys Magnago
Boletellus nordestinusAltielys Magnago
Tylopilus aquarius var. megistusAltielys Magnago
Tricholoma acerbumAMER Roman Mycological Ecological Association (Italy), Anders Dahlberg, Pavel Nedelev, Wim A. Ozinga, Daniel Dvořák, Irja Saar, Vladimír Kunca, Nikola Lačković, Armin Mešić, Michael Krikorev, Claudia Perini, Inita Daniele, Tatyana Svetasheva, Tor Erik Brandrud
Ramaria flava var. flavaJade Chaddad
Clathrus madagascariensisAnders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Patrice Ravonjiarisoa
Steccherinum subochraceumMauro C. Westphalen
Geesterania davidiiMauro C. Westphalen
Echinoporia inermisViviana Motato-Vásquez, Mauro C. Westphalen
Henningsia brasiliensisFelipe Bittencourt
Abrachium floriformeRhudson Cruz
Cyathus morelensisGregory Mueller, Rhudson Cruz
Cyathus magnomuralisGregory Mueller, Rhudson Cruz
Ramalina fleigiaeJessica Allen, Emerson Luiz Gumboski
Dactylosporina steffeniiMariana Drewinski
Picipes rhizophilusAngelina Jorjadze, Susana C. Gonçalves, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Hygrocybe aphyllaDanny Newman, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe
Amaurodermellus ovisporumRafaela Saraiva Peres
Phaeographis brasiliensisGregory Mueller, Isaias de Oliveira Junior
Calvatia nodulataAntônio Sérgio De Sá
Calvatia oblongisporaLucas Leonardo-Silva
Entoloma hochstetteriGregory Mueller, Leonardo Silva
Neopestalotiopsis foedansCamila Sá
Phaeoclavulina clavarioidesJade Oliveira
Tricholoma graveRick Van de Poll, Anders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Jean Berube
Usnocetraria oakesianaAnders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Einar Timdal, Toby Spribille, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Göran Thor, Christoph Scheidegger, Jonas Rosell, James Lendemer, Tiina Randlane
Rigidoporus lineatusTatiana Gibertoni, Virton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira, Danilo Chagas
Cladonia dunensisJessica Allen, Emerson Luiz Gumboski
Teloschistes cymbaliferE. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos, Diogo H. Costa-Rezende
Erysiphe alphitoidesNicolas Schwab
Lyophyllum favreiJames Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Begoña Aguirre-Hudson, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Vera Hayova
Cortinarius tiliaeJames Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Tor Erik Brandrud
Cortinarius stjernegaardiiJames Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, Tor Erik Brandrud, Anders Dahlberg
Cortinarius phrygianusJames Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Tor Erik Brandrud
Cortinarius mariekristinaeJames Westrip, Izabela L. Kalucka, Tor Erik Brandrud, Anders Dahlberg
Cortinarius elegantissimusGregory Mueller, James Westrip, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Tor Erik Brandrud, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva
Cortinarius alcalinophilusJames Westrip, Tor Erik Brandrud, Anders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva
Parmotrema perforatumJames Westrip, Diego Simijaca, Jessica Allen
Parmotrema hypotropumJames Westrip, Jessica Allen
Parmotrema crinitumJames Westrip, Diego Simijaca, Jessica Allen
Parmeliopsis hyperoptaJames Westrip, Ave Suija, Jessica Allen
Parmeliopsis ambiguaJames Westrip, Jessica Allen
Parmelia squarrosaJames Westrip, Jessica Allen
Parmelia saxatilisJames Westrip, Jessica Allen
Melanohalea haleiJames Westrip, Jessica Allen
Flavoparmelia baltimorensisJames Westrip, Jessica Allen
Canoparmelia carolinianaJames Westrip, Lisa Kimmerling, Jessica Allen
Cortinarius camptorosJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tor Erik Brandrud
Leptogium hibernicumJames Westrip, Frances Anderson
Umbilicaria phaeaJames Westrip
Ramalina fragilisJames Westrip, Manuela Dal Forno, Christian Parrinello, Frank Bungartz, Jessica Allen
Punctelia caseanaJames Westrip, Chandler Lymbery, Jessica Allen, Tiana Scott
Bulbothrix confoederataJames Westrip, Laurel Kaminsky
Bryoria salazinicaJames Westrip, Chandler Lymbery, Hayley Paquette, Jessica Allen
Mycoporum biseptatumJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Rhizoplaca idahoensisJames Westrip, Jason Hollinger, Roger Rosentreter, Jessica Allen
Calicium sequoiaeJames Westrip, Jessica Allen, Rikke Reese Næsborg
Lecanora masanaJames Westrip, James Lendemer, Jessica Allen, Anders Dahlberg
Sporodophoron americanumJames Westrip, James Lendemer
Craterellus calicornucopioidesNoah Siegel, James Westrip
Cantharellus velutinusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus tenuithrixJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus tabernensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus phasmatisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus persicinusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus minorJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus lewisiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus lateritiusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus iuventateviridisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus flavusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus flavolateritiusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus enelensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus corallinusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus cinnabarinusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus chicagoensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus betularumJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus appalachiensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Suillus pungensJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Suillus punctatipesJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Suillus pseudobrevipesJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Suillus ponderosusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Suillus fuscotomentosusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Stropharia ambiguaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Rhizopogon olivaceotinctusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Mycena tenaxJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Atheniella aurantiidiscaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Gymnopilus punctifoliusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Gomphidius subroseusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Gomphidius smithiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Gomphidius oregonensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Turbinellus kauffmaniiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Ramaria stuntziiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Ramaria rubrievanescensJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Schenella simplexJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cortinarius magnivelatusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Xerocomellus mendocinensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Xerocomellus diffractusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Xerocomellus atropurpureusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Tylopilus humilisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Tylopilus ammiratiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Suillellus amygdalinusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Gastroboletus ruberJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Gastroboletus dinoffiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Phellodon atratusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amanita vernicoccoraJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amanita smithianaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amanita ocreataJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amanita calyptrodermaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Mycolevis sicciglebaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Leucogaster citrinusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel, Michael Castellano
Phylloporia minutaThiago Kossmann, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, MIND.Funga Initiative, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Lactarius xanthogalactusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius sayloriiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius rufulusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius rubrilacteusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius pseudomucidusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius pallescensJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius occidentalisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius kauffmaniiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius californiensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius aurantiosordidusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lactarius aestivusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Collybia bakerensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Hymenogaster subalpinusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Hygrophorus caeruleusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus subalbidusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus roseocanusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus formosusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus cascadensisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Gomphidius pseudoflavipesJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Chroogomphus albipesJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Gomphus bonariiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Rubroboletus haematinusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Rubroboletus eastwoodiaeJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Caloboletus rubripesJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Caloboletus marshiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Butyriboletus primiregiusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Boletus rex-verisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Boletus regineusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Boletus fibrillosusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Aureoboletus mirabilisJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Aureoboletus flaviporusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amanita silvicolaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amanita novinuptaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amanita magniverrucataMichael Wood, James Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amanita augustaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amanita apricaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Albatrellus avellaneusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Albatrellopsis flettiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Amauroderma macrosporumAilton Matheus, Tatiana Gibertoni
Sphaerobolus stellatusFrancisco Calaça, Inita Daniele, Angeles De Leon
Cantharellus tanzanicusJames Westrip
Polyporus leprieuriiCristina Elizabeth Toapanta-Alban, Tatiana Gibertoni, Virton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira, Ailton Matheus
Dolichocarpus seawardiiRebecca Yahr, André Aptroot
Dimelaena triseptataAndré Aptroot
Dermatiscum pusillumAndré Aptroot
Teloschistes flavicansAndré Aptroot, Nathan Chrismas
Acroscyphus sphaerophoroidesAndré Aptroot, Katherine Glew, Jessica Allen
Amanita malayensisSerena ML Lee, Amy Choong, SuSee Lee
Lecanora sublivescensLilith Weber
Hydropus atramentosusJan Merta, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Daniel Dvořák, Armin Mešić, Anna Kiyashko, Vladimír Kunca, Tea von Bonsdorff, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Michael Krikorev, Ivona Kautmanova, Thomas Læssøe
Termitomyces clypeatusBee Kin Thi, Atik Retnowati
Filoboletus manipularisBee Kin Thi, Olga Morozova, Serena ML Lee
Lecanora conizaeoidesRebecca Yahr, Inita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Laurens Sparrius
Chromosera violaNicolas Schwab
Haasiella venustissimaNicolas Schwab, Oleh Prylutskyi, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Daniel Dvořák, Vladimír Kunca, Wim A. Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Jean Berube, Thomas Læssøe, Andreas Gminder
Amanita erythrocephalaNicolas Schwab, Susana C. Gonçalves, Nicolò Oppicelli
Entoloma neglectumIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Izabela L. Kalucka, John Bjarne Jordal, Nicolas Schwab, Anders Dahlberg
Circinaria tominiiAlexander Paukov
Amanita muscariaArsen Gasparyan, Susana C. Gonçalves, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Opegrapha granulosaSILJO JOSEPH
Cladonia subsetaceaRebecca Yahr, Jessica Allen
Camarophyllopsis peckianaAnders Dahlberg, Rick Van de Poll
Sarcodon fuligineoviolaceusSergey Volobuev, John Bjarne Jordal, Claudia Perini, Izabela L. Kalucka, Tea von Bonsdorff, Maroš Peiger, Irja Saar, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tatyana Svetasheva, Clemence Pillard, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Anders Dahlberg, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Ivona Kautmanova, Michael Krikorev
Fibroporia albicansOle Sparre Pedersen
Rhodactina rostratisporaGregory Mueller, Santhiti Vadthanarat
Crepidotus palodensisAngeles De Leon
Marasmius grandiviridisGregory Mueller, Nopparat Wannathes
Stemonitis fuscaJaíne Parentes
Strobilomyces mirandusOlga Morozova
Arcyria cinereaJaíne Parentes, Andressa Vieira da Silva
Lactifluus pulchrellusOlga Morozova, Gregory Mueller, Komsit Wisitrassameewong
Lactifluus igniculusGregory Mueller, Olga Morozova
Crepidotus affinisThomas Edison dela Cruz
Climacodon sanguineusGregory Mueller, Bee Kin Thi
Polyporus mangshanensisGregory Mueller, Thomas Edison dela Cruz
Leccinum peronatumGregory Mueller, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Boletus cervinicoccineusSerena ML Lee
Spongiforma thailandicaAndrew Anak Ngadin, Thitiya Boonpratuang, Olivier Raspé
Microglossum capitatumZhuliang Yang, JIA LiuKun
Hemiglossum yunnanenseZhuliang Yang, Gregory Mueller, JIA LiuKun
Perenniporia bambusicolaThitiya Boonpratuang, Rattaket Choeyklin
Elmerina sclerodontiaBee Kin Thi, Serena ML Lee, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Calostoma sarasiniiAtik Retnowati
Mycena khonkhemThitiya Boonpratuang
Tomophagus cattienensisGregory Mueller, Hoang ND Pham
Macrocybe giganteaGregory Mueller, Serena ML Lee, Atik Retnowati
Amanita sculptaKomsit Wisitrassameewong, Gregory Mueller, Andrew Anak Ngadin, Serena ML Lee
Hemileccinum indecorumGregory Mueller, Olivier Raspé, Olga Morozova
Marasmius cremeusNopparat Wannathes
Boletellus dissiliensOlivier Raspé, Nathan Smith, Serena ML Lee
Lactarius kesiyaeKomsit Wisitrassameewong
Lentinus polychrousSerena ML Lee, JAYA SEELAN SATHIYA SEELAN
Tricholoma fulvocastaneumGregory Mueller, Ole Sparre Pedersen
Neonothopanus nambiOlga Morozova, Thitiya Boonpratuang, Serena ML Lee, Angeles De Leon
Hormomitaria sulphureaSerena ML Lee, Gregory Mueller, JIA LiuKun
Austroboletus dictyotusOlga Morozova
Pulveroboletus fragransOlga Morozova, Olivier Raspé
Mycena chlorophosSerena ML Lee, Gonzalez, Kate Bakaysa, Samantha
Tulostoma exasperatumSerena ML Lee
Boletellus emodensisSerena ML Lee, Anders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Protohydnum sclerodontiumAndrew Anak Ngadin
Sutorius ubonensisSanthiti Vadthanarat
Scutellospora coralloideaLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Gigaspora roseaLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Rhizophagus irregularisLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Glomus nanolumenLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Glomus multicauleJoana Veras, Leonor Maia
Glomus microcarpumLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Glomus microaggregatumLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Glomus aureumLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Claroideoglomus claroideumJoana Veras, Leonor Maia
Rhizophagus intraradicesLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Glomus glomerulatumLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Gigaspora margaritaJoana Veras, Leonor Maia
Suillus americanusTatyana Svetasheva, Izabela L. Kalucka, Gregory Mueller, Susana C. Gonçalves, Irja Saar, Vladimír Kunca, Daniel Dvořák, Anders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Katerina Rusevska, Sergey Volobuev, Elena Zvyagina, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Michael Krikorev, Mitko Karadelev
Chlorostroma vestlandicumJames Westrip, Eugene Popov, John Bjarne Jordal, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Anders Dahlberg, Björn Nordén, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe
Glomus australeLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Entoloma nubilumOlga Morozova
Gigaspora giganteaJoana Veras
Entrophospora infrequensJoana Veras
Ambispora appendiculaLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Acaulospora rehmiiLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Acaulospora morrowiaeJoana Veras, Leonor Maia
Acaulospora scrobiculataLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Strobilomyces brunneolepidotusOlga Morozova
Entoloma bidupenseOlga Morozova
Entoloma nigrovelutinumOlga Morozova
Paraglomus occultumTatiana Gibertoni, Joana Veras
Acaulospora melleaLeonor Maia, Joana Veras
Marasmius limosusNicolas Schwab, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Inita Daniele, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Hypoxylon vogesiacumGregory Mueller, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Inita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal
Rhodactina incarnataSanthiti Vadthanarat
Bovista californicaGregory Mueller, Michael Wood, James Westrip, Noah Siegel
Suillellus comptusAnders Dahlberg, ISPRA Network for the study of Mycological Diversity, Odysseas Theodorou, Claudia Perini, Susana C. Gonçalves
Clitocybe glareosaGregory Mueller, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Phaeogalera stagninaAnders Dahlberg, MAURICE Jean-Paul, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Rubroboletus pulchrotinctusGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Alona Yu. Biketova, Claudia Perini, Susana C. Gonçalves
Septoglomus titanLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Glomus trufemiiLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Dominikia bernensisLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Acaulospora spinosissimaLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Circinaria rostamiiMohammad Sohrabi
Usnea strigosaDiego Simijaca, Amanda Chandler
Usnea angulataDiego Simijaca, Jessica Allen, Erin Tripp
Punctelia rudectaDiego Simijaca, Jessica Allen
Parmotrema reticulatumDiego Simijaca, Jessica Allen
Mycoporum compositumDiego Simijaca, Isaias de Oliveira Junior
Malmidea psychotrioidesDiego Simijaca, Isaias de Oliveira Junior
Malmidea leptolomaDiego Simijaca, Isaias de Oliveira Junior
Malmidea fuscellaDiego Simijaca, Isaias de Oliveira Junior
Leioderma sorediatumDiego Simijaca, Jessica Allen, Daphne Stone
Collema dichotomumNeil Sanderson, David Genney, Anders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Alexander Paukov, Christoph Scheidegger, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Toby Spribille, Brian Coppins
Lactarius austrorostratusKomsit Wisitrassameewong
Craterellus hesleriJames Westrip
Craterellus palmatusJames Westrip
Cantharellus garnieriiJames Westrip
Cantharellus helotioidesJames Westrip
Spongispora temasekensisMohd Salleh Sanusi, Amy Choong
Marasmius cupreostipesNopparat Wannathes
Helvella tomentosaAngeles De Leon
Acaulospora reductaLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Cetrelia chicitaeKristiina Mark, Jessica Allen
Xylomyces giganteusElaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Subulispora procurvataElaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Speiropsis scopiformisElaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Cryptophiale udagawaeElaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Cryptophiale kakombensisElaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Idriella acerosaElaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Wiesneriomyces laurinusElaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Beltrania rhombicaElaine Malosso, Marcela Barbosa
Periconia byssoidesElaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Pseudonectria buxiElaine Malosso, David Minter, Inita Daniele, Marcela Barbosa
Menispora ciliataElaine Malosso, David Minter, Marcela Barbosa
Amanita silvaticaJulieta Alvarez-Manjarrez
Squamanita paradoxaSusana C. Gonçalves, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Gareth Griffith, Wim A. Ozinga, Else Vellinga, Javier Marcos Martínez, Debbie Viess, Sean Cooch, Davide Puddu
Antrodia mellitaReda Iršėnaitė, Sergey Volobuev, Inita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Andreas Gminder, Anders Dahlberg, MAURICE Jean-Paul
Hygrocybe aurantiosplendensGregory Mueller, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Izabela L. Kalucka, John Bjarne Jordal, Anders Dahlberg, Nicolas Schwab, Filip Fuljer, Pavel Nedelev, Daniel Dvořák, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Irja Saar, Jean Berube, Thomas Læssøe, Eef Arnolds
Cantharellus longisporusJames Westrip
Lactarius pseudoscrobiculatusElias Polemis, Javier Marcos Martínez
Boletus pinophilusAlona Yu. Biketova, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Wim A. Ozinga, Daniel Dvořák, Noah Siegel, Anders Dahlberg
Suillus variegatusAlona Yu. Biketova, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Wim A. Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg
Alessioporus ichnusanusAlona Yu. Biketova, Anders Dahlberg, Veronica Spinelli, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Robert Philipp Wagensommer, Italian Botanical Society Mycology Working Group Coordinator: Anna Maria Persiani, Susana C. Gonçalves, Claudia Perini
Rubroboletus rhodoxanthusAlona Yu. Biketova, Claudia Perini, Susana C. Gonçalves, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Daniel Dvořák, Wim A. Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Michael Krikorev
Sarcosoma globosumElena Zvyagina, Daniel Dvořák, Irja Saar, Marija Katarzyte, Ellen Riggins, Tea von Bonsdorff, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Thomas Læssøe, Toby Spribille, Vera Hayova, David Minter, Tommy Knutsson, Olga Nadyeina, Irina Gorbunova, Kamil Kędra, Inita Daniele, Vladimír Kunca, Eugene Popov, Anders Dahlberg
Boletus rhodopurpureusAlona Yu. Biketova, Nicolas Schwab, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Claudia Perini, Wim A. Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Daniel Dvořák, Michael Krikorev
Entoloma queletiiA. Martyn Ainsworth, Ivona Kautmanova, Gregory Mueller, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tor Erik Brandrud, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal
Suillus bovinusAlona Yu. Biketova, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg
Strobilomyces strobilaceusAlona Yu. Biketova, Pavel Nedelev, Svjetlana Lolić, Stephanos Diamandis, Daniel Dvořák, Reda Iršėnaitė, Irja Saar, Wim A. Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Marija Katarzyte, Michael Krikorev, Tsutomu Hattori, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Nikola Lačković, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Kamil Kędra, Tatyana Svetasheva, Claudia Perini, Inita Daniele, Vladimír Kunca, Ivona Kautmanova, M.R. Asef
Boletus adonisAlona Yu. Biketova, Anders Dahlberg, Armin Mešić
Butyriboletus frostiiAlona Yu. Biketova, Ella Frigyik and Katherine Angier
Gomphidius roseusAlona Yu. Biketova, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Daniel Dvořák, Vladimír Kunca, Claudia Perini, Anders Dahlberg
Suillus grevilleiAlona Yu. Biketova, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg
Russula galileensisAlona Yu. Biketova
Gomphidius glutinosusAlona Yu. Biketova, Inita Daniele, James Westrip, Anders Dahlberg
Sarcodon martioflavusTea von Bonsdorff, Gregory Mueller, Tor Erik Brandrud, Ivona Kautmanova, Anders Dahlberg, Maroš Peiger
Hydnellum nemorosumTea von Bonsdorff, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg
Chromosera cyanophyllaIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Irja Saar, Irina Gorbunova
Cuphophyllus radiatusJames Westrip, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Anders Dahlberg, A. Martyn Ainsworth
Hygrocybe subpapillataJames Westrip, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Hygrocybe intermediaJames Westrip, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, John Bjarne Jordal, Inita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Pavel Nedelev, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Wim A. Ozinga, Daniel Dvořák, Irja Saar, Armin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, A. Martyn Ainsworth
Urnula crateriumIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Eugene Popov, Daniel Dvořák, Reda Iršėnaitė, Irja Saar, Armin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, Vladimír Kunca, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Vera Hayova, Inita Daniele, Ivona Kautmanova, Tommy Knutsson
Geoglossum glabrumIzabela L. Kalucka, Ivona Kautmanova, Inita Daniele, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Tatyana Svetasheva, Anders Dahlberg, Viktor Kučera
Hericium cirrhatumIzabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Inita Daniele, Else Vellinga, Irja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Ivona Kautmanova
Psathyrella ammophilaIzabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Wim A. Ozinga, Reda Iršėnaitė, Armin Mešić, Else Vellinga, Tsutomu Hattori, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Thomas Læssøe, João Baptista-Ferreira, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Irina Gorbunova, Kamil Kędra, Inita Daniele, Tatyana Svetasheva, Claudia Perini
Hericium alpestreIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tatyana Svetasheva, Claudia Perini, Daniel Dvořák, Vladimír Kunca, Armin Mešić, Anna Kiyashko, Anders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka
Geoglossum littoraleIzabela L. Kalucka, Eugene Popov, Viktor Kučera, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe
Hygrophorus marzuolusIzabela L. Kalucka, Nicolas Schwab, Slavica Tofilovska, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Daniel Dvořák, Armin Mešić, Claudia Perini, Anders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Mitko Karadelev, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, Beatrice Senn-Irlet
Hygrocybe calciphilaArmin Mešić, John Bjarne Jordal, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg
Camarophyllopsis schulzeriGregory Mueller, Tatyana Svetasheva, Izabela L. Kalucka, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal
Acaulospora asperaLilian Araujo Rodrigues
Suillellus adonisAlona Yu. Biketova, Armin Mešić, Susana C. Gonçalves
Antrodia albobrunneaAnders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka, Claudia Perini, Clemence Pillard
Pycnoporellus alboluteusReda Iršėnaitė, Ivan Zmitrovich, Kim Potapov, Daniel Dvořák, Irja Saar, Debbie Viess, Inita Daniele, Iraida Stavishenko, Else Vellinga, Bruno Boulet, Kamil Kędra, Boris Ivančević, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Tatyana Svetasheva
Arrhenia discoroseaIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva, Daniel Dvořák, Vladimír Kunca, Tatiana Bulyonkova, Andreas Gminder, Elena Zvyagina, Thomas Læssøe
Suillus gastroflavusAnders Dahlberg, Yury Rebriev
Neolentiporus squamosellusAnders Dahlberg, Odysseas Theodorou, Begoña Aguirre-Hudson, A. Martyn Ainsworth
Ramaria broomeiAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Thomas Læssøe
Perelegamyces parviechinulatusMarcela Barbosa, David Minter, Elaine Malosso
Hohenbuehelia culmicolaTommy Knutsson, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Begoña Aguirre-Hudson
Menisporopsis theobromaeDavid Minter, Elaine Malosso, Marcela Barbosa
Hohenbuehelia boniiA. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg
Cora soredavidiaSara Karla de A. A. Carvalho
Pleurocollybia apodaSara Karla de A. A. Carvalho
Pholiota cubensisSara Karla de A. A. Carvalho
Montagnea haussknechtiiSara Karla de A. A. Carvalho
Hypholoma trinitenseSara Karla de A. A. Carvalho
Agrocybe broadwayiSara Karla de A. A. Carvalho
Calvatia giganteaAngelina Jorjadze, Nicolas Schwab, Inita Daniele, James Westrip
Pseudoplectania sphagnophilaIrja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Reda Iršėnaitė
Podofomes trogiiIrja Saar, Anders Dahlberg, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren
Peziza ammophilaIrja Saar, Eugene Popov, Inita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Reda Iršėnaitė
Bankera fuligineoalbaJames Westrip, Maroš Peiger, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tea von Bonsdorff, Nicolas Schwab, Irja Saar, Wim A. Ozinga, Inita Daniele, Reda Iršėnaitė, Daniel Dvořák, Noah Siegel, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka
Cora itabaianaSara Karla de A. A. Carvalho
Auricularia brasilianaTatiana Gibertoni, Renato Lúcio Alvarenga
Auricularia delicataRenato Lúcio Alvarenga, Tatiana Gibertoni
Auricularia corneaTatiana Gibertoni, Renato Lúcio Alvarenga
Cinereomyces dilutabilisAnders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, MIND.Funga Initiative
Hygrocybe striatellaAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Janet Scott, Giuliana Furci
Entoloma necopinatumAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Bryn Dentinger, Janet Scott, Matthew Smith, Thomas Læssøe, Gregory Mueller, Giuliana Furci
Skeletocutis roseolaAnders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, MIND.Funga Initiative
Stropharia acanthocystisAnders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, MIND.Funga Initiative, Thiago Kossmann
Stropharia venustaAnders Dahlberg, Thiago Kossmann, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, MIND.Funga Initiative
Stropharia coelhoiAnders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, MIND.Funga Initiative, Thiago Kossmann
Pleurotus rickiiAnders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, MIND.Funga Initiative, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Sulcaria spiraliferaAnders Dahlberg, Troy McMullin
Cladonia submitisAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Clavulina kunmudlutsaAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Gregory Mueller, Janet Scott, Aída M. Vasco-Palacios, Terry Henkel, Bryn Dentinger, William Cutler
Stropharia araucariaeAnders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, MIND.Funga Initiative
Russula austrodelicaAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Janet Scott, Giuliana Furci
Stephanospora chilensisAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Janet Scott, Matthew Smith
Cymatoderma sclerotioidesAnders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, Aída M. Vasco-Palacios, MIND.Funga Initiative, E. Ricardo Drechsler-Santos
Stropharia agaricoidesAnders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller, James Westrip, MIND.Funga Initiative, Thiago Kossmann
Cladosporium perangustumAnthony Cavalcanti
Mycetinis applanatipesNoah Siegel
Cantharellus haughtoniiJames Westrip, Christine Tansey
Cantharellus stejskaliiJames Westrip
Cortinarius olympianusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel, Shannon Adams
Calvatia lloydiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel, Else Vellinga
Polyozellus marymargaretaeNoah Siegel
Polyozellus atrolazulinusNoah Siegel
Cantharellus profundusJames Westrip
Cantharellus odoratissimusJames Westrip
Craterellus dubiusJames Westrip
Cantharellus pedicellatusJames Westrip
Craterellus spathuliformisJames Westrip
Cantharellus replexusJames Westrip
Phaeocollybia lilacifoliaNoah Siegel
Phaeocollybia scatesiaeNoah Siegel
Phaeocollybia californicaNoah Siegel
Craterellus foetidusJames Westrip
Cantharellus parvusJames Westrip
Acumispora biseptataDavid Minter, Elaine Malosso
Chalara alabamensisDavid Minter, Elaine Malosso, Marcela Barbosa
Gyrothrix verticicladaDavid Minter, Elaine Malosso, Marcela Barbosa
Beltraniella portoricensisDavid Minter, Elaine Malosso, Marcela Barbosa
Circinotrichum olivaceumDavid Minter, Elaine Malosso, Marcela Barbosa
Diaporthe citriDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Hemibeltrania decorosaDavid Minter, Elaine Malosso, Marcela Barbosa
Paraconiothyrium brasilienseDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Aspergillus sydowiiDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Penicillium alagoenseDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Hypoxylon investiensDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Diaporthe inconspicuaDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Diaporthe infecundaDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Diaporthe paranensisDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Diaporthe phaseolorum var. phaseolorumDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Microsphaeropsis arundinisDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Muscodor vitigenusDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Diaporthe pseudomangiferaeDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Penicillium simplicissimumDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Sporormiella minimaDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Nemania abortivaDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Nemania primoluteaDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Talaromyces allahabadensisDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Xylaria apiculataDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Xylaria cubensisDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Xylaria venosulaDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Diaporthe rosaeDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO, Anthony Cavalcanti
Diaporthe masireviciiDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO, Anthony Cavalcanti
Mycosphaerella pseudoellipsoideaDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Xylaria curtaDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Penicillium austrosinicumDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Phyllosticta capitalensisDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Aspergillus neoniveusDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Purpureocillium lilacinumDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Penicillium chrysogenumDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Diaporthe passifloricolaDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO, Anthony Cavalcanti
Nigrospora hainanensisDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO, Anthony Cavalcanti
Penicillium citrinumDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Penicillium oxalicumDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Diaporthe ueckeriDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO, Anthony Cavalcanti
Colletotrichum phyllanthiDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Colletotrichum aeschynomenesDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Colletotrichum alienumDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Colletotrichum chrysophilumDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Colletotrichum boninenseDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Colletotrichum magnisporumDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Colletotrichum karstiiDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Colletotrichum theobromicolaDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO
Colletotrichum gigasporumDavid Minter, LAYANNE FERRO, Anthony Cavalcanti
Colletotrichum fructicolaDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Colletotrichum fragariaeDavid Minter, Anthony Cavalcanti
Craterellus nucleatusJames Westrip
Cantharellus radiatusJames Westrip
Trametes cubensisArleen Bessette, Tatiana Gibertoni, Virton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira
Craterellus shoreaeJames Westrip
Cantharellus suavissimusJames Westrip
Craterellus montanusJames Westrip
Craterellus strigosusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus simplexJames Westrip
Cantharellus perpusillusJames Westrip
Craterellus comperiJames Westrip
Cantharellus fulvocaerulescensJames Westrip
Cantharellus glutinosusJames Westrip, Adam Liddle
Cantharellus eccentricusJames Westrip
Otidea smithiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Gyromitra californicaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Mycena overholtsiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Ramaria thiersiiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cudonia monticolaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Ramaria aurantiisiccescensJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Tuber castellanoiJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Xerocomellus zelleriJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Phaeocollybia fallaxJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Pachycudonia spathulataJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Phaeocollybia olivaceaJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Leccinum montanumJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Elaphomyces subviscidusJames Westrip, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus pulcrifoliusJames Westrip
Cantharellus avellaneusJames Westrip
Cantharellus pseudofriesiiJames Westrip
Cantharellus pseudocibariusJames Westrip
Hygrocybe monteverdaeJohn Bjarne Jordal (old account), Anders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Hygrocybe helobiaAnders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, A. Martyn Ainsworth
Cantharellus cyanoxanthusJames Westrip
Cantharellus eucalyptorumJames Westrip
Cantharellus nigrescensJames Westrip
Cantharellus defibulatusJames Westrip
Craterellus turbinatusJames Westrip
Gomphus crassipesAouali Souhila, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Pablo Pérez Daniëls
Cantharellus variabilicolorJames Westrip
Cantharellus tricolorJames Westrip
Cantharellus petersiiJames Westrip
Squamanita pearsoniiAnders Dahlberg, Gareth Griffith
Stereopsis vitellinaIrja Saar, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Daniel Dvořák, Wim A. Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg, Reda Iršėnaitė
Rhodotus palmatusAnders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Wim A. Ozinga, Irja Saar, Reda Iršėnaitė, Daniel Dvořák, Else Vellinga, Izabela L. Kalucka, Tsutomu Hattori, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Tatyana Svetasheva, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, Pablo Pérez Daniëls, Inita Daniele
Pseudotricholoma metapodiumA. Martyn Ainsworth, Daniel Dvořák, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Anders Dahlberg, Tea von Bonsdorff, Thomas Læssøe, Tommy Knutsson, Ivona Kautmanova, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren
Pseudoplectania melaenaViktor Kučera, Daniel Dvořák, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Paraxerula causseiAnders Dahlberg, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Daniel Dvořák, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Neohygrocybe nitrataInita Daniele, Filip Fuljer, Pavel Nedelev, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Microglossum atropurpureumAnders Dahlberg, Eugene Popov, Viktor Kučera, Irja Saar, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Hygrocybe splendidissimaPaula Sissel Murtnes, Daniel Dvořák, Armin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Filip Fuljer
Gloioxanthomyces vitellinusAnders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Geoglossum difformeAnders Dahlberg, Viktor Kučera, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Entoloma porphyrophaeumAnders Dahlberg, Pavel Nedelev, Irja Saar, Daniel Dvořák, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Entoloma griseocyaneumIrmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Anders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Entoloma excentricumAnders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Daniel Dvořák, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Entoloma bloxamiiAnders Dahlberg, Eugene Popov, Claudia Perini, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Daniel Dvořák, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Irja Saar, Wim A. Ozinga, Thomas Læssøe, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca
Cuphophyllus canescensAnders Dahlberg, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Cortinarius splendificusAnders Dahlberg, Tor Erik Brandrud
Cortinarius pinophilusAnders Dahlberg, Tor Erik Brandrud
Cortinarius murellensisAnders Dahlberg, Tor Erik Brandrud
Cortinarius meinhardiiA. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tor Erik Brandrud
Cortinarius haasiiAnders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Tor Erik Brandrud
Cortinarius dalecarlicusAnders Dahlberg, Irja Saar, Tor Erik Brandrud
Trichoglossum walteriAnders Dahlberg, Viktor Kučera, John Bjarne Jordal (old account)
Cantharellus sublaevisJames Westrip
Cantharellus eyssartieriJames Westrip
Cantharellus stramineusJames Westrip
Cantharellus decoloransJames Westrip
Cantharellus gotzeniiJames Westrip
Cantharellus mikemboensisJames Westrip
Cantharellus tenuisJames Westrip
Cantharellus plicatulusJames Westrip
Cantharellus papyraceusJames Westrip
Cantharellus congolensisJames Westrip
Stropharia albivelataNoah Siegel
Suillus suilloidesNoah Siegel
Cantharellus griseotinctusJames Westrip
Cantharellus brunneopallidusJames Westrip
Pholiota nubigenaNoah Siegel
Hygrophorus vernalisAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Cantharellus fibrillosusJames Westrip
Hygrophorus nemoreus var. raphaneusNoah Siegel
Cantharellus madagascariensisJames Westrip
Cantharellus sebosusJames Westrip
Cantharellus paucifurcatusJames Westrip
Cantharellus ibityensisJames Westrip
Cantharellus microcibariusJames Westrip
Marasmius thiersiiNoah Siegel
Cantharellus membranaceusJames Westrip
Cantharellus subcyanoxanthusJames Westrip
Cantharellus alboroseusJames Westrip
Hydnotrya inordinataNoah Siegel
Gelatinodiscus flavidusAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Poronia punctataInita Daniele, Angelina Jorjadze, Irina Gorbunova, Reda Iršėnaitė, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Italian Botanical Society Mycology Working Group Coordinator: Anna Maria Persiani, Robert Philipp Wagensommer, Daniel Dvořák, Irja Saar, Vladimír Kunca, Wim A. Ozinga, Leonardo Giuliani, Armin Mešić, André Aptroot, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Tommy Knutsson, Vera Hayova, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Eugene Popov, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Kamil Kędra, Yury Rebriev, David Minter
Elaphomyces anthracinusInita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano, Thomas Læssøe, Marija Katarzyte, Ivona Kautmanova, David Minter
Cryptomyces maximusInita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Maroš Peiger, Vladimír Kunca, Brian Douglas, Anders Dahlberg, Ivona Kautmanova, Eugene Popov, David Minter
Balsamia platysporaInita Daniele, Ivona Kautmanova, Anders Dahlberg, Vladimír Kunca, David Minter
Trametes versicolorInita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Tatiana Gibertoni, Virton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira
Sarcodon imbricatusInita Daniele, James Westrip
Trappea phillipsiiNoah Siegel
Ramaria maculatipesNoah Siegel
Sidera vulgarisInita Daniele, Tatiana Gibertoni, Virton Rodrigo Targino de Oliveira
Phaeotremella foliaceaInita Daniele, Tatiana Gibertoni, Renato Lúcio Alvarenga
Sparassis crispaClaudia Perini, Mitko Karadelev, Inita Daniele, MAURICE Jean-Paul, James Westrip, Irina Gorbunova
Pluteus aurantiorugosusInita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Jan Merta, John Bjarne Jordal (old account), Irja Saar, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Nikola Lačković, Vladimír Kunca, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, M.R. Asef, Ivona Kautmanova, Tatyana Svetasheva, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Kamil Kędra, Beatrice Senn-Irlet
Inonotus obliquusInita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Irja Saar, Tatyana Svetasheva, Anders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka, Else Vellinga, Dan Richman
Flaviporus citrinellusInita Daniele, Vladimír Kunca, Irja Saar, Reda Iršėnaitė, Daniel Dvořák, Anders Dahlberg, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
Laccaria laccataInita Daniele, Gregory Mueller
Laccaria bicolorInita Daniele, Nicolas Schwab, Eleonora Čapelja, Gregory Mueller
Clavulinopsis subarcticaInita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Liga Strazdina, Anton Shiryaev
Ramaria coulteraeNoah Siegel
Ramaria amyloideaNoah Siegel
Phaeocollybia pseudofestivaNoah Siegel
Phaeocollybia benzokauffmaniiNoah Siegel
Caloplaca conjungensNelson Salinas
Rhizopogon flavofibrillosusNoah Siegel
Rhizopogon abietisNoah Siegel
Rhizopogon brunneinigerNoah Siegel
Rhizopogon ellipsosporusNoah Siegel
Xerocomellus amylosporusNoah Siegel
Cortinarius luteicolorJames Westrip, Shannon Adams, Noah Siegel
Xerocomellus rainisiaeNoah Siegel
Xerocomellus dryophilusNoah Siegel
Tricholomopsis fulvescensNoah Siegel
Lactarius paulusNoah Siegel
Hydnotryopsis setchelliiNoah Siegel
Cortinarius sierraensisMichael Wood, James Westrip, Noah Siegel, Shannon Adams
Lactarius rubriviridisMichael Wood, James Westrip, Noah Siegel
Lepiota rhodophyllaNoah Siegel, Else Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Todd Osmundson, Christian Schwarz
Lactarius cordovaensisAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Lepiota luteophyllaNoah Siegel, Debbie Viess, Anders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga, Christian Schwarz
Hygrocybe purpureofoliaAnders Dahlberg, Michael Castellano, Annabelle Langlois
Hygrocybe noelokelaniAnders Dahlberg, Dario Gisotti, Else Vellinga
Hydnellum cyanopodiumAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Callistosporium vinosobrunneumAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Cyttaria exiguaThiago Kossmann, Gregory Mueller, Adriana Calle, James Westrip, Thomas Læssøe, Anders Dahlberg, Melissa Mardones Hidalgo, David Minter, Giuliana Furci
Tricholoma apiumAnders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Pavel Nedelev, Tea von Bonsdorff, Daniel Dvořák, Elena Zvyagina, Irja Saar, Inita Daniele, Tor Erik Brandrud
Tricholoma borgsjoeënseAnders Dahlberg, Vladimír Kunca, Thomas Læssøe, Tor Erik Brandrud
Tricholoma matsutakeAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Niclas Bergius, Daniel Dvořák, Irja Saar, Vladimír Kunca, Roberto Garibay Orijel, Tatyana Svetasheva, Tsutomu Hattori, Elena Zvyagina, Tor Erik Brandrud, Michael Krikorev
Squamanita schreieriNicolas Schwab, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Thomas Læssøe, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Beatrice Senn-Irlet
Rhizopogon alexsmithiiAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano
Phaeocollybia oregonensisAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Leptonia carneaAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Lepiota viridiglebaDario Gisotti, Anders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Else Vellinga
Hygrocybe swaneticaAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Tatyana Svetasheva, Anna Kiyashko
Hygrocybe flavifoliaAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Tommy Knutsson, Else Vellinga
Hydnellum gracilipesAnders Dahlberg, Reda Iršėnaitė, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Thomas Læssøe, Tatyana Svetasheva, Michael Krikorev, Tor Erik Brandrud
Gastrolactarius camphoratusAnders Dahlberg, Susan Nuske, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano
Gastroboletus valdivianusAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano, Giuliana Furci
Fevansia aurantiacaAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano
Echinodontium japonicumAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori
Destuntzia rubraAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano
Cortinarius osloensisAnders Dahlberg, Dario Gisotti, Thomas Læssøe, Tor Erik Brandrud
Cortinarius pavelekiiDario Gisotti, Susan Nuske, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Castellano
Cortinarius odoratusAnders Dahlberg, Tor Erik Brandrud, Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber, Daniel Dvořák, Tatyana Svetasheva, Tommy Knutsson
Cortinarius citrino-olivaceusAnders Dahlberg, Dario Gisotti, Tor Erik Brandrud
Cortinarius cupreorufusAnders Dahlberg, Dario Gisotti, Emma Harrower, Tommy Knutsson, Tor Erik Brandrud
Graphis sterlingianaJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, Erin Tripp
Immersaria fuliginosaAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Jessica Allen, Alan Fryday
Lecania vermisporaAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Tiana Scott, Jessica Allen, Alan Fryday
Lithographa opegraphoidesAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Jessica Allen, Alan Fryday
Phaeographis oricolaJames Westrip, Anders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Cetreliopsis papuaeAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Christoph Scheidegger, Tiina Randlane
Chaenothecopsis oreganaAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Hayley Paquette, Jessica Allen
Chalciporus aurantiacusAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leonard, Jerry Cooper
Chlorovibrissea chilensisAnders Dahlberg, James Westrip, Thiago Kossmann, Adriana Calle, Gregory Mueller, Pablo Sandoval-Leiva