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Fragiliporia fragilis Y.C. Dai, B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao

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Scientific name
Fragiliporia fragilis
Y.C. Dai, B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Under Assessment
Proposed by
Catia Canteiro
Susana C. Gonçalves, Susana P. Cunha
Comments etc.
Catia Canteiro

Assessment Notes

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Fragiliporia fragilis is a resupinate fungi found in China, that was described for the first time in 2015. Only 5 sites have been reported so far, but due to its wide distribution and potential large area of appropriate habitat, its population size is estimated at 20000 individuals. There is no evidence of population decline and it is possible that the species has been overlooked, especially since it was only described in 2015. Therefore the species is assessed as Least Concern (LC) .

Taxonomic notes

Only member of Fragiliporiaceae monotypic family, which was separated from other Polyporales families based on phylogenetic analysis and morphologically distinct characters of Fragiliporia fragils (Zhao et al. 2015). It has no known synonyms. (Index Fungorum 2022)

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Geographic range

This species has been recorded across southern China, in the Provinces of Yunnan (Gaoligongshan Biosphere Reserve and Ailaoshan Nature Reserve), Zhejiang (Tianmushan Biosphere Reserve) and Guizhou (Fanjingshan Biosphere Reserve) (GBIF records 2022, Zhao et al. 2015).

Population and Trends

Fragiliporia fragilis has been recorded in 2 sites in Yunann, 1 in Zhejiang, 1 in Guizhou, and 1 undisclosed location, between 2004 and 2013 (Zhao et al. 2015). In one site in Yunnan, 2 specimens were collected, presumably in different logs.
Fragiliporia fragilis grows on rotting wood of Alnus and other angiosperm trees, which gives this species a possible large area of appropriate habitat. Assuming 2 mature individuals exist per functional individual and considering the large area of appropriate habitat and low detectability of the species (as well as possible confusions with other polypore species), we estimate a population size of 20000 individuals, following Dahlberg & Mueller (2011) guidelines, assuming a x1000 multiplier for unknown locations, 2 logs per site and 2 mature individuals per functional individual.
There is no evidence of population decline.

Population Trend: Uncertain

Habitat and Ecology

Fragiliporia fragilis is a saprotrophic annual resupinate poroid fungi. Its specimens were found growing on stumps or fallen wood of Alnus and other angiosperm trees in southern China, which harbours mostly subtropical to tropical vegetation. (Zhao et al. 2015)

Temperate ForestSubtropical/Tropical Moist Lowland ForestSubtropical/Tropical Moist Montane Forest


China is currently experiencing considerable losses in natural area. Yunann, one of the provinces where F. fragilis was found, is actually one of the areas with a higher number of threatened forests in China (Chen et al 2020). However, given that the species was found in nature reserves, its known populations are not expected to be threatened.

Conservation Actions

The known populations for these species were found in nature reserves.

Research needed

An increase in search efforts is needed to better understand distribution, population size and trends, as well as its ecology. Though F. fragilis was recorded growing on Alnus sp. rotting wood, other tree species were only identified as angiosperms, so more detailed descriptions of its habitat preferences would be helpful to estimate the extent of appropriate habitat.

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