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Mycena luxaeterna Desjardin, B.A. Perry & Stevani

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Scientific name
Mycena luxaeterna
Desjardin, B.A. Perry & Stevani
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Proposed by
Gregory Mueller
Gregory Mueller

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

The species was described in 2010.

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Currently known from a single site in the Atlantic Coastal Forest near Sao Paulo Brazil.  These forests are among the most endangered in the world, so even though there are likely additional subpopulations of Mycena luxaeterna, its habitat is in decline.

Geographic range

Mycena luxaeterna is currently known from a single site in the Atlantic Coastal Forest: BRAZIL. Sa ̃o Paulo state, Mun. Iporanga, Parque Estadual Turı ́stico do Alto Ribeira,  Poc ̧o da Viu ́va, S24 35.220, W48 37.840, 19 Mar 2007.

Population and Trends

Currently known from a single site in a protected State Park.  However, because of significant treats to other potential sites, it is likely that the population is in decline.

Population Trend:

Habitat and Ecology

Mycena luxaeterna is currently known from a single site in the Atlantic Coastal Forest growing on sticks, rarely on leaves of undetermined dicotyledonous trees in primary Atlantic Forest habitat.

Subtropical/Tropical Moist Lowland Forest


The Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil continues to be under threat due to habitat loss due to land transformation.  While the one known site is in a protected park, it is likely that other sites where it may occur are under threat.

Agro-industry grazing, ranching or farming

Conservation Actions

Protection of habitat.

Site/area protection

Research needed

Additional fieldwork, especially focused on small saprotrophic fungi is needed to fully document the distribution and population size of this and other similar fungi.

Population size, distribution & trends

Use and Trade


Dennis E. Desjardin, D.E.,  D.J. Lodge, C.V. Stevani, and E. Nagasawa. 2010. Luminescent Mycena: new and noteworthy species. Mycologia 102: 459-477.

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