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Bovista graveolens Schwalb

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Scientific name
Bovista graveolens
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Proposed by
Mikael Jeppson
Comments etc.
Mikael Jeppson

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

Bovista graveolens is a rare species closely related to the widely distributed and common look-alike B. nigrescens. Identifications require microscopic verification (spores with curved pedicel in B. graveolens, straight pedicel in B. nigrescens).

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Bovista graveolens is a rare species with a sub-continental European distribution. Its currently known localities are fragmented and contain only few individuals. A number of localities seem to be out-dated and might have changed considerably due to modern land use. However, its preference for nitrogen-rich habitats may indicate that it is under-recorded in anthopgenous places like in parks and gardens.

Geographic range

Bovista graveolens is a rare species recorded from Europe, where it has a sub-continental distribution. It might have been overlooked in some areas due to its macromorphological similarities with B. nigrescens. Its currently known populations are fragmented and with only a few individuals on each locality. Some localities are out-dated. Records from N. America (Mexico & USA, Oregon) are ambiguous as sequenced specimens (eg KR811089 from Mexico) closely match the common and widespread Bovista nigrescens.

Population and Trends

Bovista graveolens is a rare species with an unclear population status. There are less than 80 records world-wide on GBIF, many dating back more than 25 years. It has been reported from appr. 25 localites since the year 2000. An estimation gives a maximum of 5 reproducing individuals per site.

Modern land management may be detrimental to it, but it can also have been under-recorded due to its macromorphological similarities with B. nigrescens.

Population Trend: Decreasing

Habitat and Ecology

Bovista graveolens occurs in dry, sandy grazed grasslands as well as in open and warm deciduous woodland. A number of records are from man-made habitats such as stubble fields and wastelands. It seems to be somewhat nitrophilous.


Conservation Actions

Bovista graveolens is currently redlisted in the Czech Republic (EN) and Bulgaria (EN B1ab(iii,iv). Additional countries?

Research needed

The current distribution and the status of its localities should be further investigated.

Use and Trade



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Regional Population and Trends

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