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Cryptoporus volvatus (Peck) Shear

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Scientific name
Cryptoporus volvatus
(Peck) Shear
Common names
veiled polypore
Криптопорус вольвоносный
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Under Assessment
Proposed by
Tatyana Svetasheva
Tatyana Svetasheva
Tatyana Svetasheva, A. Martyn Ainsworth, Tsutomu Hattori
Comments etc.
Else Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Easy recognizable and very rare species, which is known from the some parts of Asia. It’s confined to the well-conserved old coniferous forests and endangered because of reducing or degradation of these types of habitats. (Data on this species were compiled by Eugenia Bulakh).

Geographic range

Russian Far East, Japan, China, Korea, North America

Population and Trends

A small amount of localities, scattered populations. Possible deteriorating due to reducing of the old-growth forests.

Population Trend: Decreasing

Habitat and Ecology

This xylotrophic fungus occurs almost exclusively in the old-growth forests with Pinus densiflora, Pinus koraiensis, Picea jezoensis. It inhabits on the large dead standing trees or fallen logs forming usually a lot of fruitbodies. But only a few localities are known today.


Deforestation, forest fires, reducing of the area with old coniferous forests

Conservation Actions

Protection of old-growth forests containing Pinus densiflora, Pinus koraiensis, Picea jezoensis.

Research needed

Use and Trade


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Country occurrence

Regional Population and Trends

Country Trend Redlisted