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Megaspora rimisorediata Valadbeigi

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Scientific name
Megaspora rimisorediata
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Assessment status
Proposed by
Arsen Gasparyan
Arsen Gasparyan, Alexander Paukov
Comments etc.
Anders Dahlberg

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Megaspora rimisorediata is species with small geographic range (Southern Armenia and Northern part of Iran). The species seems to be threatened by climate change, mining and logging. According to Valadbeigi et al. (2011), the climate and environmental conditions are important for extension of the thallus and producing soralia.

Geographic range

The species was found only from Northern part of Iran (Valadbeigi et al., 2011) and Southern Armenia (Gasparyan & Sipman, 2013).

Population and Trends

Population Trend: Uncertain

Habitat and Ecology

The species mainly distributed in open arid woodland ecosystems (mountainous xerophytic vegetation). It is generally corticolous and rarely muscicolous and saxicolous (calciferous rocks). It was found on bark of Juniperus sp., Quercus brantii and Q. castaneifolia in Iran (Valadbeigi et al., 2011) and on bark of Quercus sp. in Armenia (Gasparyan & Sipman, 2013).


The main threats for the species are changes of climate and environmental conditions, habitat loss and land transformation by mining, as well as logging.

Mining & quarryingLogging & wood harvestingClimate change & severe weather

Conservation Actions

The few localities are known for Golestan National Park and Arasbaran protected area in Iran. No any conservation action or site protection in Armenia.

Site/area protection

Research needed

The species was described in 2011 by Valadbeigi et al. The additional research on population size, distribution and ecology is required. The data should be considered during conservation planing and development of Nature Specially Protected Areas network.

Population size, distribution & trendsLife history & ecologyConservation PlanningHabitat trends

Use and Trade


Gasparyan A. & Sipman H. J. M. 2013: New lichen records from Armenia. - Mycotaxon 123: 491-492.
Valadbeigi T., Nordin A. & Tibell L. 2011: Megaspora rimisorediata (Pertusariales, Megasporaceae), a new sorediate species from Iran and its affinities with Aspicilia sensu lato. - The Lichenologist 43: 285-291.

Country occurrence

Regional Population and Trends

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