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Calvatia fragilis (Quél.) Morgan

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Scientific name
Calvatia fragilis
(Quél.) Morgan
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Proposed by
Mikael Jeppson
Comments etc.
Mikael Jeppson

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

Calvatia fragilis has been considered a synonym of C. cyathiforme (Bosc) Morgan, but according to Bates et al (2009), Kreisel (1992, 2001) and Moreno et al. (2010) they are separate species with different distribution patterns.

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

The current population trends are unknown on a global scale. However the species is considered potentially extinct in the Czech republic and it is redlisted in Poland. It is dependent on the area and quality of xerothermic grasslands/steppes and woodlands. Possible threat from overgrowth (ceased grazing), overgrazing and exploitation (dry grasslands transformed into cultivated framland).  DD?

Geographic range

Calvatia fragilis was described from Italy and has since been recorded in xerothermic regions of most continents. The geographic range is somewhat ambiguous as it has frequently been confused with C. cyathiformis and recorded as such. Kreisel (1992) summarized the distribution of C. fragilis as N. America, N. Africa, C. Asia, S. Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


Population and Trends

Calvatia fragilis has a wide world distribution but is reliant on xerothermic grasslands and steppe habitats. Current trends are not known. Potential mis-identifications (with C. cyathiformis) should be considered.

Population Trend: Uncertain

Habitat and Ecology

Calvatia fragilis is mainly a species of open, xerothermic habitats: dry pastures, sandy steppe and halophytic steppe. It also occurs in the Mediterranean garrique vegetation as well as in light Mediterranean pine woodland.


A species of xerothermic grasslands and dry mediterranean vegetation. Overgrowth due to ceased grazing as well as exploitation of its habitat (grazed grassland being transferred to cultivated farmlands).

Conservation Actions

Red-listed as potentially extinct in the Czech republic (Holec & Beran 2006) and (as C. cyathiformis) proposed as E in Poland (Wojewoda 2003).

Research needed

Reserach is needed to resolve the species limits between C. fragilis and C. cyathiformis.

Use and Trade



Country occurrence

Regional Population and Trends

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