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Mycena silvae-pristinae M.T. Veerkamp & Kuyper

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Scientific name
Mycena silvae-pristinae
M.T. Veerkamp & Kuyper
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Proposed by
Thomas Læssøe
Thomas Læssøe

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

Described in 1997 based on German collections from one site.

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

This is an ancient oak-woodland species known from one locality in Germany and two in Denmark.

Based on the very limited knowledge assessed as DD, but potentially at least VU under the A criterion.

Geographic range

Known from two sites in Denmark (from one stump in one site, 1996,  and from 2 fallen logs in another site; 2012). In Germany known from four collections from the type locality: a well protected forest (Neuenburger Urwald)

Population and Trends

Population Trend: Uncertain

Habitat and Ecology

Occurs in low frequency on oak logs and stumps, in type locality with M. inclinata, M. maculata and M. galericulata and Xylobolus frustulatus. In the recent Danish site it co-occurred with M. inclinata and M. galericulata. Intensive search over the last 20 years have only added one locality in Denmark and none anywhere else. There are dedicated Mycenologist in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Italy and France and it is highly surprising that the species remains undiscovered in most of its potential distribution area.

Temperate Forest


Logging & wood harvesting

Conservation Actions

The known sites should be protected.

Site/area protection

Research needed

The whole region with oaks extending into Russia, SE Europe and southern Europe should be further surveyed.

Use and Trade


Læssøe, T. 2013. Naturskovs-Huesvamp (Mycena silvae-pristinae) – nu også fundet mellem Randers og Viborg. Svampe 67: 48-49, 55.
Veerkamp, M.T. & Kuyper, T.W. 1997. Über eine neue Mycena-Art im Neuenburger Urwald (On a new species of Mycena from the Neuenburger Urwald). Zeitschrift für Pilzkunde 63(2): 163-168

Country occurrence

Regional Population and Trends

Country Trend Redlisted