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Cantharellus diminutivus Corner

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Scientific name
Cantharellus diminutivus
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Assessment date
IUCN Red List Category
Liddle, T.A.
Westrip, J.R.S.

Assessment Notes

The content on this page is fetched from The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/223772726/223772728


Information regarding the full distribution of the wild population of this species appears to be lacking, and so without further research it is not possible to assess the current population trends of this species. This species is assumed to be threatened by habitat loss, however further information is needed to confirm this claim. Due to a lack of information regarding this species' distribution, and to what extent this species may be threatened in the wild, this species is listed as Data Deficient until further information arises.

Geographic range

This species has been recorded in Malaysia (Corner 1970), within forest containing Dipterocarps or Fagaceae (Eyssartier et al. 2009). It has been found in the Ulu Gombak Forest Reserve and on highway E8, north of Kuala Lumpur, near Bukit Tinggi, at an altitude of 184m (Eyssartier et al. 2009, GBIF 2020).

Population and Trends

It is currently not possible, with the amount of geographic information available, to determine the number of mature individuals, nor the current population trends of this species. Further research is required to attain this information and assess these trends.

Population Trend: unknown

Habitat and Ecology

Geographic information on wild subpopulations of this species is limited. It has been found growing on or near the roots of dead Dipterocarps, within forests containing Dipterocarps or Fagaceae (Eyssartier et al. 2009).


Because this species is known to have been located in the Dipterocarp forests of Malaysia, it is likely threatened by deforestation for agriculture.

Conservation Actions

At this time, no conservation action can be recommended as information on the population trends and status of this species is deficient. Further research is required in order to better understand the current population trends of this species as well as the extent to which this species is threatened by habitat loss.

Source and Citation

Liddle, T.A. 2023. Cantharellus diminutivus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2023: e.T223772726A223772728. https://dx.doi.org/10.2305/IUCN.UK.2023-1.RLTS.T223772726A223772728.en .Accessed on 3 January 2024

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