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Geomorium singeri (Gamundí & E. Horak) Kraisit., Pfister, Kuhar & M.E. Sm.

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Scientific name
Geomorium singeri
(Gamundí & E. Horak) Kraisit., Pfister, Kuhar & M.E. Sm.
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Cup-fungi, Truffles and Allies
Incertae sedis
Assessment status
Preliminary Assessed
Preliminary Category
Proposed by
Camille Truong
Camille Truong, Camila Monroy Guzmán
David Minter
Comments etc.
James Westrip
David Minter

Assessment Notes


This species is found in association with a variety of Nothofagus species throughout Patagonia. It is not thought to be under significant threat and would not approach the thresholds for listing as threatened under any criterion. Therefore, it is listed as Least Concern.

Taxonomic notes

Underwoodia singeri

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

This ectomycorrhizal species strictly associates with Nothofagus in Patagonia (Chile and Argentina). This is a well-recognizable species that fruits abundantly but locally in fragmented populations based on current data.

Geographic range

This species is recorded from Nothofagus forests of northern and southern Patagonia, and probably occurs throughout the region. It associates with a variety of Nothofagus species.

Population and Trends

This species is scattered, but where it is found fruiting, it is abundant.

Population Trend: Stable

Habitat and Ecology

This species associates with a variety of Nothofagus species, as well as a range of other taxa (Cybernome 2020).

Subantarctic ForestTemperate Forest


There are no significant, major threats to this species.

Conservation Actions

It is known from several protected areas (see map), and increasing awareness of this species at these sites would be beneficial.

Awareness & communications

Research needed

Use and Trade

There is no reported use or trade of this species.


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Kraisitudomsook, N., Healy, R. A., Pfister, D. H., Truong, C., & Nouhra, E. (2020). Resurrecting the genus Geomorium: Systematic study of fungi in the genera Underwoodia and Gymnohydnotrya ( Pezizales ) with the description of three new South American species. Persoonia 44, 98–112.

Mycology Collections Portal (2020) http://mycoportal.org/portal/collections/list.php. Accessed on March 29 2020, (under the names Geomorium singeri and Underwoodia singeri).

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Regional Population and Trends

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